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One Dad on Reddit Is Mad at His 7-Year-old for Being ‘Unfaithful’ to Her ‘Boyfriend’ & We Hope We Misread That

We popped onto the AITA subreddit on Friday to see what kind of baby name drama was afoot or whose in-laws were acting up, but instead, we found a post that we sincerely hoped we misunderstood. Spoiler alert: We did not. A woman posted on the thread to share a story about her 7-year-old daughter Layla, who got a “boyfriend” named Lucas a few months ago.

“They are both 7, so it’s obviously not a real relationship,” she wrote, garnering a “duh!” from the audience.

“They just hold hands sometimes and they drew each other hearts for Valentine’s Day.” Ok. So that could be romantic. Or! Just hear me out! They could be friends.

“This week, Layla was apparently holding hands with another boy — who also sent Layla a Valentine’s Day love letter — and Lucas took offense to it.”

Pause: Isn’t everyone supposed to give everyone in the class a Valentine at that age? Regardless…

The playdate (or “date” *eye roll*) that Lucas and Layla had planned for Saturday is now cancelled because, according to Lucas’ parents, the boy is mad at Layla. When Layla’s dad heard the news, he decided he wants Layla punished and for his wife (OP) to have a talk with their daughter about … wait for it … “faithfulness.”

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