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Kaavia James Hilariously Poked Fun of Gabrielle Union's Swimsuit Poses and It's Shady Baby for the Win

No one is safe from Shady Baby — least of all her mom, Gabrielle Union. In a video posted to Kaavia James’s Instagram account, which is managed by her parents, we can see the toddler doing some elaborate poses in a swimsuit with her tiny hands on her waist. When asked by the person behind the camera who she’s imitating, James responded simply: “Mommy.”

“They say ‘It be your own kids,’ It’s me. I am that kid. #ShadyBaby #ToddlersBeLike,” the caption read.

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Kaavia’s many, many fans took to the comment section and shared their joy over this quick bit of shadiness. “Shady Baby selling out Mommy. Love her ❤️ 😂😂😂😂,” one user wrote. Another added: “Babbby having kids is not for the weak 😂😂.”

The toddler has made a name for herself on the internet for hilariously calling out her mom. Like that one time when she memorably told Union that she needed to work on her breath hygiene. She indicated that by blowing directly into her hand. The conversation went down like this:

“My breath stinks?” Union asked. “Yeah,” Kaavia responded.  “What should mommy do since her breath stinks?” Kaavia pointedly blew into her hand again. Then, the little one threw the cutest, smuggest look at the camera.

Kaavia unabashedly imitates her mom, including that adorably shady time when she mimicked Union’s smile. In May, Union snapped a cute photo of the two only to realize that her daughter was subtly making fun of her grin.

“When @kaaviajames started smiling like this, it came outta the blue and none of us could figure out why she was doing it. Now I get it. She’s been trolling meeeeeeee 😂🤣😭😂🤣 swipe to see how Kaav thinks I smile. It really be your own kids! #ShadyBaby,” the actress captioned the photo.

Keep the realness coming, Kaavia! It’s the bright (yet shady!) light we all need on Instagram.

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