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Interesting mango recipes to try with your family

To bring back nostalgia from your childhood, Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts has come up with some mouthwatering recipes to pleasure your tastebuds.

Summer without mangoes is hard to imagine, right? You can cut them into slices, make shakes or just roll out a delicacy of your choice — there are many delicious ways to enjoy the king of fruits! And to bring back the nostalgia from your childhood, Academy of Pastry &  Culinary Arts has come up with some mouth watering recipes to pleasure your taste buds during this period of lockdown. Enjoy it with your entire family. Read on.

Tropical Trifle Pudding

By Ramandeep Bagga (Pastry Chef APCA Gurgaon)

For vanilla sponge

– Refined flour – 260Gms
– Sugar – 240Gms
– Water – 180Gms
– Milk – 90Gms
– Oil – 100 ML
– Baking soda – 02Gms
– Vanilla essence – 05Gms


– Mix flour, baking powder and baking soda.
– Mix water, milk and sugar. Add oil.
– Fold in all the dry ingredients.
– Bake at 200°C for 7-8mins.

For berry compote

– Frozen strawberries – 50Gms
– Frozen blueberries – 50Gms
– Frozen sour cherries – 50Gms
– Sugar – 80Gms
– Liquid glucose – 50Gms
– Water – 100ML
– Cornstarch – 10Gms


– Boil sugar, water and pour over berries.
– Let it cool down, strain the berries and add cornstarch to the liquid.
– Cook if further and add berries later once cool again.

For mango custard

– Milk – 500 ML
– Sugar – 100Gms
– Mango flavored custard powder – 50Gms


– Mix milk, sugar and custard powder in a saucepan and cook it till thick. Cool and keep aside.

For Chantilly

– Whipping cream – 300Gms
– Sugar – 30Gms


– Whip together sugar and cream till firm.
– For the assembly, in a glass bowl, add chopped fresh mangoes, a layer of sponge, pipe the custard and add some berry compote. Top it up with the Chantilly cream and garnish using a mint sprig.

Mango Mascarpone Swiss Roll

By Shreya Monga (Pastry Chef APCA Gurgaon)

For sponge


– Egg Yolk – 240Gms
– Sugar – 30Gms
– Honey -60Gms
– Refined Flour – 126Gms
– Cornstarch – 14Gms
– Egg Whites – 320Gms
– Sugar – 130Gms
– Butter – 30Gms
– Milk – 70Gms


For the swiss roll

– Whisk whole eggs and sugar till 36°C on a double boiler.
– Mix in water and honey in the egg mixture. Add milk and fold in the flour.
– Spread batter on a parchment paper and bake at 180°C for 15mins.
– Let it cool before processing further.

For Mascarpone Chantilly

– Whipping cream – 500Gms
– Mascarpone – 50Gms
– Sugar – 18Gms
– Vanilla extract – 15Gms
– Chopped Mangoes – 150Gms


– Whip the cream with sugar and vanilla and add in the Mascarpone cheese.
– For the assembly, spread the Mascarpone Chantilly on the sponge and add chopped mangoes. Roll the sponge and cut.

Mango Tres Leches

By Michelle Peris (Pastry Chef APCA Bangalore)


For Sponge
– Refined flour – 420Gms
– Baking soda – 08Gms
– Baking powder – 250Gms
– Castor sugar – 250Gms
– Curd – Fresh Cream
– Fresh cream – 120Gms
– Full fat milk – 60Gms
– Mango pulp – 60Gms
– Vanilla extract – 10Gms
– Melted Butter – 180Gms
– Cinnamon powder – 03Gms

For soaking
– Condensed Milk – 100Gms
– Milk – 100Gms
– Coconut Milk – 100Gms
– Lemon zest – 05Gms
– Salt – 03 Gms

For Garnish
– Mango Pulp – 30Gms
– Fresh Mangos – 02Nos
– Mint Leaves
– Coriander – 02 Sprigs


– Sift all the dry ingredients, flour, baking powder, baking soda. Add the sugar to it.
– In another bowl, mix the curd, cream, milk, vanilla essence, and mango pulp till smooth.
– Add the dry ingredients gradually into the wet mix, whisking to combine. Particularly important to not over-mix. Finally add in the warm melted butter, mix till a smooth paste.
– Fill into mold of choice and bake at 160 for about 15-30 minutes, depending on mold size.
– Once the cake has baked, when slightly warm, poke holes and soak it with the sauce.
– Allow it to cool in the fridge for a few hours.
– Top with whipped cream and mango.

Mango Passion Curd Tart

By Mukesh Rawat (Executive Pastry Chef APCA Bangalore)


For mango passion curd

– Mango puree – 200Gms
– Passion fruit puree – 100Gms
– Egg yolks – 300Gms
– Sugar – 300Gms
– Butter – 300Gms

For sweet paste

– Refined Flour – 275Gms
– Butter – 175Gms
– Icing Sugar – 100Gms
– Eggs – 50Gms


For the sweet paste

– Mix all the ingredients and chill the dough.
– Roll it out to desired thickness and line the tart molds.
– Bake the tart at 180°C for 12 mins.

For the mango passion curd

– Heat the purees. In a bowl, mix the sugar and egg yolks, add it to the warm puree mix and cook further. Keep aside to cool.
– Add butter when the mixture reaches 40°C and blend well.
– For the assembly, pipe the mango passion curd in the tart and top it up with sliced or diced mangoes.

Mango Sundae

By PratyayKeny (Pastry Chef APCA Bangalore)


For mango saffron ice cream

– Fresh mango pulp – 100Gms
– Whipped cream – 150Gms
– Milk powder – 30Gms
– Condensed milk – 50Gms
– Salt – a pinch
– Nutmeg – as per taste
– Saffron – A Pinch

For coconut whipped cream

– Coconut milk – 50Gms
– Whipped cream – 50Gms
– Lemon zest – 03Gms

For ginger crumbie

– Digestive biscuits – 100Gms
– Butter – 30Gms
– Grated ginger – 10Gms

For passion fruit syrup

– Passion fruit puree – 100Gms
– Glucose – 50Gms


– Toasted Pistachio
– Water Biscuits
– Fresh Mango Cakes
– Fresh Mint Leaves


For mango saffron ice cream

– Heat up all the ingredients together till mixed well and allow to freeze.
– Once frozen, blend well using a blender.

For the coconut whipped cream

– Mix all ingredients and whip till firm.
– For the Ginger Crumble, Mix all ingredients together and keep aside.

For the passion fruit syrup

– Heat passion fruit puree and glucose together. Allow to cool
– For the assembly, place the ginger crumble in a bowl, scoop the ice cream and place it on the crumble. Pipe the coconut cream, spread the syrup and add chopped fresh mangoes.
– Top it up with various toppings of your choice.

Alphonso Mango Charlotte

By Raghu Nandan (Pastry Chef APCA Bangalore)


Ladyfinger biscuits

– Egg whites – 240Gms
– Sugar – 200Gms
– Egg yolks – 160Gms
– Refined flour- 150Gms
– Cornstarch -50Gms
– Vanilla essence -05Gms

Mango syrup

– Mango pulp – 50Gms
– Lemon juice – 20ML
– Sugar -25Gms
– Water -50 ML

Mango Mousse

– Mango pulp – 90ML
– Sugar -27Gms
– Cold water -16 ML
– Whipping cream -113Gms

Mango jelly
– Mango pulp -125 Gms
– Sugar -40G Gms
– Gelatin – 05 Gms
– Water – 50 ML


For the ladyfinger sponge

– Whip egg whites and add sugar.
– Add in egg yolks and vanilla. Mix the sifted flour and cornflour.
– Pipe on baking paper, sprinkle icing sugar and bake at 180°C for 10 mins.

For the mango syrup

– Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and heat.
– Use the syrup to soak the layers of sponge in the cake.

For the mango mousse

– Bloom the gelatin in cold water. Warm the puree to dissolve the sugar.
– Cool puree to 30°C before adding gelatin.
– Whip the cream to soft peaks and fold into the cold puree mixture.

For the mango jelly

– Bloom gelatin in cold water. Warm puree to dissolve sugar.
– Cool puree to 30°C before adding gelatin.
– For the assembly, alternate the layers of sponge, mousse and jelly twice to achieve a cake. Top up with mangoes and mint sprigs.

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