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Behold: Her Favorite Mother's Day Gift of All Time

Ask around among moms about their ideal Mother’s Day gift, and chances are a homemade token from their kids ranks pretty damn high up the list — if not at #1.  Plenty of parents will happily gush about how a trinket made by their kid’s tiny hands made them melt and explode all at the same time (we still haven’t been able to figure out this phenomenon, but it’s definitely a mom thing) — especially if it involves the words “I love you, Mommy” scribbled somewhere in crayon. And isn’t a melt-explosion what we’re all after, really? Whether you’re that beloved mom’s partner or the favorite aunt who’s ready to give her kids a strong hint in the gift department, here are 10 Mother’s Day crafts for kids that are basically guaranteed to elicit happy tears.

So what if you have to (slightly) bribe the kids into making them? It’ll be worth it.

1. Fingerprint butterfly mug painting

What an easy project: All you need are plain white mugs, some paint and a finger or two to make this adorable mug.

2. Clay handprint jewelry dish

Who wouldn’t want a little one’s hand-turned-clay jewelry dish? You only need three supplies for this gift — air-dry clay, a knife and a bowl — and, of course, one very tiny hand. No baking required.

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