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Baby Names Beginning With 'K' for Your Kindhearted Kid

Are you knotted up knee-deep in baby name knowledge, convinced you can’t find the name you need to crown your (kindly yet kick-ass) king or queen kid? It’s time to kick your quest into high gear with our kaleidoscopic collection of “K” names that are knockouts — and clear keepers, OK? Kudos to you for fitting your little kin with a killer moniker they’ll be keen on for years to come.

And you don’t need to be a Kardashian (or named Kylie/Kim/Kendall/Khloé/Kourtney, although those names are cool too!) to kvell over kingly keepsake classics like Kieran and Katherine and key trendsetters like Kai and Knightley. This list of baby names beginning with “K” has something for every kid — whether they’re bound to be a keyboardist, a kinesthesiologist, a klutz, a kleptomaniac, or, you know, a cute kindergartener.

Classic “K” names for girls

Trendy “K” names for girls

Unisex “K” names

  • Kai (Hawaiian name meaning “fire”)
  • Kerrigan (Irish name meaning “dusky or dark” but hey, also great for figure skaters)
  • Kian (this name meaning “ancient” is perfect for a tiny old soul)
  • Kay (means “glory” and works for any gender)
  • Kennedy (no matter whether Bobby or Jackie or Jack is your inspo)
  • Kacey/Kasey (means “vigilant, alert, observant,” just like your newborn will be)
  • Kaelin (Gaelic meaning “fair,” another form of Caelan)
  • Kameron (a very 2020 version of Cameron)
  • Kala (this one has roots in both Hindi and Hawaiian)
  • Kami (means “loving” in Hindi)
  • Kincaid (this Scottish surname is finally showing up as a first name, too)

Classic “K” names for boys

Trendy “K” names for boys

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