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Your own Smile makes you happier

Satisfaction and happiness by your own Smile?

How does our Smile on our mood and satisfaction? Can make a Smile happier? Researchers found out now that people are through their Smile and really happy.

In a recent study by the University of Tennessee, it was found that our own Smile has a positive effect on our mood. Smiling people are actually happier. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Psychological Bulletin”.

A Smile enhances the mood and makes us happier. (Image: Robert Kneschke/

Facial expressions affect our mood?

In the current study, it was investigated whether a certain face can lead to expressions of the affected people feel the emotions really connected with those expressions. It makes us happier when we Smile and try to look happy? Or it has a negative effect on our mood, if we look gloomy and in a bad mood? Psychologists doubted these statements for many years. An investigation should now clarify how much truth lies in these hypotheses our mood.

17 Teams of researchers from failed end

In 2016, 17 research teams were not able to replicate a known Experiment, which show that the physical act of smiling can make the people really happy. This is the disagreements increased among the experts on this subject. “Some studies have found no evidence that facial expressions can influence emotional feelings,” says study author Nicholas Coles from the University of Tennessee in a press release. Psychologists have tested since the early 70s, whether the Smile happier is what makes a man actually. All the evidence for such an impact were now analysed again, in the current study.

Data from more than 11,000 Participants were analyzed

In a so-called Meta-analysis combined Coles and his Team the data from a total of 138 studies involving more than 11,000 participants from all over the world were studied. The results of the analysis showed that facial expressions have a low impact on your feelings. For example, you will feel the Smile, happy and a grumpy expression on your face, you feel angry, explain the researchers.

The mind and the body together cause our feeling experience

“These results are exciting, because they give an indication of how mind and body interact to create our conscious sense experience. We still have a lot to learn about this facial feedback effects, but the meta-analysis brings us closer to the realization a little, how emotions work,“ explains study author Coles. (as)