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You don’t want to lose weight but starving? With these foods – Video

No cravings, no stomach growling, and falling pounds. Who installs these six foods into the meal plan, takes off easily and is even sick of it.

Who starts a diet wants to save a lot of calories, but also not constantly hungry to be tormented. Since it is helpful in food that act as natural appetite suppressant and satiated.

High-quality Protein Breakfast satiates longer than the Standard bread with jam. The protein of eggs or cottage cheese also prevents blood sugar spikes and thus cravings attacks.

A good filling Alternative to oatmeal. They swell in the stomach and fill it.

For lunch a green salad is a good stomach filler. The sheer volume of salad leaves gives the impression of a lush meal. A Vinaigrette of vinegar and a little olive oil enhances the figure-friendly salad effect: The acetic acid slows the passage of the intestine.

As an appetite brake drink Green tea offers

Who can tolerate legumes, lentils. Thanks to their fiber, they are healthy snacks.

During the Season, it may be sharp. Chili peppers promote the blood circulation , the metabolism and the burning of fat. The sharpness of the substance Capsaicin inhibits the appetite. Similar to ginger.

As an appetite brake drink Green tea: It stimulates the metabolism, accelerates the burning of fat and reduces by the way the bad LDL cholesterol.