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You Can Now Buy A Fitbit For Less Than $100 On Amazon

  • Amazon is offering discounts on many popular Fitbit watches and trackers.
  • The Fitbit Ionic watch is $40 off the original price, Alta HR is $35 off, and Charge 2 is $35 off.
  • Each watch and tracker offers advanced fitness tracking and perfomance analysis features.

If you’ve had a Fitbit on your wish list (whether it’s your figurative or literal Amazon wish list) for some time—get ready to take action. Amazon is offering discounts on some of the most popular Fitbit trackers on the market right now.

The ultra buzzed-about Fitbit Ionic (a Khloé Kardashian fave, btw) is on sale for $42 off its original price, at just $227. This watch comes with all kinds of awesome features to help you reach your fitness goals. It can literally act as a virtual trainer, offering you coaching throughout your workout and onscreen guidance for every move.

And if you’re a runner or cyclist, you’ll love the fact that it has built-in GPS, and can even track your elevation climb.

It also stores all of your fave workout playlists, and has a crazy 4-hour battery life, so you don’t need to worry about losing power mid-sweat.

For something a little more understated, opt for the Fitbit Alta HR, which is discounted for up to $35, dropping the price to $94. (That’s right, a Fitbit for less than $100!)

Like the Ionic, the Alta HR will track your heart rate—whether you’re breaking a sweat or just going about your day—and offers stats based on the data.

It also automatically tracks your sleep duration and quality. Plus, you can use it as a silent alarm—so vibrations on your wrist wake you up, rather than the same old obnoxious tone from your phone. And while this Fitbit doesn’t have the same large display as its Ionic counterpart, it still sends you notifications when you receive texts and emails.

Last but not least, the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker is on sale for up to $35 off the original price, now only $115. While this is an older model than the Charge 3, it still offers tons of amazing tracking features you’ll love. That includes continuous, automatic activity and heart rate tracking throughout your day.

It also includes a cool fitness feature that lets you track your cardio fitness level, and gives you a better understanding of how to improve it.

And if you’re feeling stressed mid-day, try one of the great calming exercises offered on this watch—it guides you through a breathing session based on your heart rate.

So go ahead, treat yourself!

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