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Without Breakfast, healthy and slim

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  • Children for Breakfast force!
  • Breakfast like a king? – Not only!
  • Breakfast helps in losing weight
  • Breakfast does not improve metabolism
  • Breakfast – Often the ungesündeste meal
  • Better fat combustion without Breakfast
  • Without Breakfast &amp slim; young
  • Without Breakfast – Less oxidative Stress
  • Without Breakfast, your mind clear
  • Without Breakfast out of the house!
  • Note for people with hypoglycemia:

Children for Breakfast force!

Many people will be able to see in the Morning nothing to Eat, let alone to take. Your appetite comes in the course of the Morning.

Nevertheless, they are before the first meal maximum performance and fit.

It is children, they will be compelled is not unusual, be sure to eat Breakfast before you go out of the house.

Because in the end, it means that Breakfast is important, Yes, that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and could not focus without Breakfast.

This is, however, an unproven rumor, as recent studies show.

You force your child, not for Breakfast! It knows when the optimum time for his first meal came. Yes, it is practiced even intuitively a very healthy Essrhythmus – a Essrhythmus that holds on the duration of both healthy as well as slim.

You just ensure that your child when it gets hungry, a healthy and delicious food.

Also for adults the Breakfast is not really worth it. Especially when you have to remove something for the health want to do or may already have chronic diseases to suffer.

Breakfast like a king? – Not only!

Dr. David Allison, head of the UABNutrition Obesity Research center in Alabama/USA and researchers a comprehensive study about the properties of having Breakfast or Not having Breakfast in terms of health and on the weight of the body, explains:

Breakfast helps in losing weight

Anyone who wants to lose weight, to early in the morning for Breakfast, is always recommended.

This is to kick-start your metabolism and prevent Cravings in the morning, so the appropriate Declaration.

Completely wrong, as the current Study.

In Dr. Allison’s study of 309 overweight and obese, but otherwise healthy adults were divided into two randomized groups. A group should be a daily Breakfast, the other group should let the Breakfast fail.

The researchers wanted to specifically examine the influence of having Breakfast on weight loss.

After 16 months there is no difference between the two groups.

So anyone who wants to lose weight, must certainly not eat Breakfast, if not then. And who is a type Breakfast, and the Breakfast also is not to be.

However, it was observed in Dr. Allison’s study found that people who take Breakfast, overall, more calories per day than people who do not eat Breakfast, which reduces the Chance of a loss of weight compared to the non-Breakfast even.

You go without Breakfast out of the house, reduces to moreover, his Ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is a hormone that is also referred to as the “hunger hormone”. The Ghrelin levels are high, you have a big appetite and eats a lot.

The lower the ghrelin level is, the less you eat and the better it is.

Breakfast does not improve metabolism

Also unproven is the benefit of Breakfast is often called the Argument, that the Breakfast start the metabolism.

The Breakfast, however, is fasting, for example, an important point when intermittent.

In this diet you only eat within a certain time window, e.g. between 11 and 17 clock – and it is proven that this form of nutrition boosts up the metabolism, fat burning and weight loss promotes.

To stimulate the metabolism so it is much better to let the Breakfast fail.

Breakfast – Often the ungesündeste meal

Of course, only the timing of the food intake for successful weight loss is crucial, but also the type of food.

Since the Breakfast is for many people, the ungesündeste meal of the day, helps here, of course, the waiver is especially good when Removing.

Usually eaten for Breakfast, food with a high glycemic load, i.e. foods which cause the blood sugar level in an instant in the height, such as, for example, rolls with nut-Nougat spread, Croissant with jam, Toast with honey, doughnuts, cakes, sweetened cereals or Cornflakes, chocolate crispies, zuckriges Crunchy, etc.

A Breakfast of this type increases the blood sugar levels quickly, but the same then again rapidly in the depth, which leads, in turn, rapidly again to Hunger.

Therefore, many people an hour or two after Breakfast, a second Breakfast, Yes, you have to do this because of their deep fall in blood sugar levels forces you to.

Otherwise, do you suffer from sugar and, thus, to impaired concentration, drop in performance to headaches and chronic fatigue – so to all those symptoms, you actually suspected at the Breakfast.

Of course, the second Breakfast is rarely better than the first. Often this consists of a sweet particles from the bakery, a bread white bread or a chocolate bar. This includes soft drinks, or sweetened teas from the Tetra pack to be pulled.

Studies have shown that people, the pieces showed early and often to a higher energy level and better concentration ability than the Breakfast group.

A life without Breakfast but there are many other positive effects.

Better fat combustion without Breakfast

Dr. Richard Johnson – author of, for example, The Sugar Fix , and head of the division of renal diseases and hypertension at the University of Colorado is a passionate advocate of Not having Breakfast.

He justifies this, inter alia, that the organism could easily switch to a more efficient fat burning phase, when Breakfast is skipped.

Of course, he advises at the same time, particularly Overweight individuals, to a reduction in carbohydrate consumption (less sugar, less Baking and pasta) on the half or at least two-thirds of the previous carbohydrate consumption.

During the “fasting” in the morning Johnson also recommends you to Sport, what is the fat burning promote.

You will see how without Breakfast your fat deposits as well as possible Cravings wane slowly but surely.

At the same time you will feel yourself becoming more powerful, stronger, and younger.

Without Breakfast &amp slim; young

Who let the Breakfast fail, normalized, moreover, sensitivity to his insulin.

Plenty of carbohydrates in the diet promote is known to the insulin resistance. This means that the cells can hardly contain sugar and no longer respond to the signals of insulin (the goal is to introduce the sugar into the cell).

They are resistant to insulin and are thus already in a preliminary stage of type 2 Diabetes.

Insulin resistance increases the risk for many chronic diseases – from heart disease, cancer, to the profane Overweight.

Insulin is also called the aging hormone.

Namely, the higher the insulin level, the lower the HGH level.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a fat-burning hormone, with numerous Anti-Aging properties (rejuvenating properties). At the latest, from the age of 30 years, the release of HGH, 60 only produces very little HGH.

The diet is not uninvolved. This means that you can boost HGH secretion, for example, by leaving the Breakfast on the left.

Then, not quickly digestible carbohydrates, the body, and he focuses on the burning of the existing fat reserves.

At the same time both increased blood sugar and increased insulin levels decline. The cells receive, as a result, the opportunity to regenerate. Your insulin sensitivity increases, the body is lithe and slim, and the chances to recover from chronic diseases, have increased dramatically.

The falling insulin level provoked by the increased release of HGH, the youth hormone.

HGH can now devote his tasks: healing, Regeneration, bone strength, enzyme production, smooth skin, strong nails, full hair, healthy heart, powerful bodies, healthy sexuality, etc.

The carbohydrate content of your diet, you can reduce very simply by goods require, for example, instead of traditional dough to alkaline Konjac noodles.

Konjac noodles look like noodles and taste like noodles. At the same time Konjac noodles are free from carbohydrates and supply you with per 100 grams is approximately zero calories.

Konjac noodles are, therefore, exactly how konjac powder in each program, with the aim of weight reduction.

Without Breakfast – Less oxidative Stress

Even oxidative Stress is reduced if you fast until lunch.

The temporary abstinence from Food, that the amount of free Radicals in the cell, and thus the cellular damage decreases by oxidative Stress.

The less the cell suffers from oxidative Stress, the slower the aging process and the lower the risk for diseases of all kinds. runs

That’s not enough. The Breakfast is still the fountain for any other reason, THE young par excellence.

Without Breakfast, your mind clear

Those who don’t eat Breakfast, makes for an increased production of the body’s own Protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), the stem cells in the brain, animated, to turn into new nerve cells.

Also, the BDNF protects the brain cells from those changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Breakfast can therefore be confidently, without having to be guilty about it tell.

Without Breakfast out of the house!

The Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. On The Contrary! Breakfast does more harm than it would benefit.

Or the other way around: No other meal is a source of so many wonderful features, if you leave out the Breakfast.

So forget the phrase, you should not just leave without Breakfast the house, but you do exactly that!

Note for people with hypoglycemia:

Of course, people with hypoglycemia should approach the matter slowly and your sugar and carbohydrate consumption significantly reduced, before you can then swipe once and for all, the Breakfast.

In the conversion phase, the coconut oil can make very good services, because it can be used due to its medium chain fatty acids – like carbohydrates – the body as a quickly available fuel to raise blood sugar levels.

You try sugar symptoms, therefore, once the coconut oil before you sugars to simple or other carbohydrates to grip.

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