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White Castle Brought Back Fried Pickles to Its Menu for a Limited Time

Fried pickles aren’t exactly the easiest food to find. Sure, you can find pickle-flavored chips, but as tasty as they are, they’re not the same as the real thing. That’s why I’m so excited that White Castle is bringing back fried pickles to its menu for a limited time.

The hamburger fast food restaurant first introduced fried pickles to its menu in 2017. Now White Castle has announced its comeback in all locations on April 23, and confirmed they’ll be available in small and sack sizes for a limited time.

The fried pickles consist of slices that are coated in a blend of seasoned panko breading and then fried until golden and crispy. Just head to the restaurant or the drive-thru and get the tasty fair food-inspired dish.

White Castle’s summer menu lineup also includes sliders. The BBQ Brisket Slider, 99¢ BBQ Original Slider, and the BBQ Impossible Slider, a plant-based bite. In addition, Summer Smoothies will be joining the limited-time lineup. The Tropical Smoothie is brand-new and will be coming with the return of the Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie and Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

“Whether you’re enjoying a barbecue with friends and family or a nice day by the pool, our limited-time summer lineup has every option needed to quench your cravings and keep you cool and refreshed,” Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle, said in a press release.

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