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‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for September 2022

In the mood to buy school supplies and sending bouquets of newly sharpened pencils to your crush? Welcome to Virgo season! There’s a reason why Virgo season syncs up with school starting up again. Virgo rules over service, health, and routine, which explains why so many of us feel September, rather than January 1, is truly the beginning of a new year. It’s no wonder astrologer Liz Simmons says we may find ourselves working harder than usual during Virgo season. “Virgo rules over work, so don’t be surprised if you are taking on more responsibilities than usual or if you are zipping through more than your workload. But this also goes back to its themes so that Virgo’s productivity will work for us if we have healthy habits in place.”

Building a routine is important right now, says Simmons, as Virgo, which is a mutable earth sign, needs a semi-flexible structure to function. “Pay attention to what you do daily. Are you productive? Do you feel organized or scattered? Does your usual schedule make you feel at peace or stressed to the max? If you are looking to make a change to your routine, then editorial Virgo can assist with finding what works for you. Play around with your habits and outlets to see what works best for you.”

Now is also a great time to reset our health, Simmons recommends, such as cutting out food triggers and eating cleaner than usual. “Maintaining healthy habits is also part of Virgo season as this is the time to pay attention to what our bodies need. Regular exercise and holistic health outlets are recommended!”

Below are other tips on what to expect this month from the cosmos!

Your love life is about to get nit picky

If things aren’t working out in the love department this month, including receiving and feeling tons of judgment and criticism, you can blame Venus entering Virgo on September 5.

“It might be more difficult to seek love, hold onto it, or enjoy it at the moment sinceVirgo is not easily romantically swayed,” Simmons says. “It’s a critical Venusian transit since Virgo will give all of us a romantic edge. The judgmental tone of Venus in Virgo may make us more cynical in love. Singles may not be appeased by anyone, suggesting that Venus in Virgo may bar singles from finding love. Couples may be more nit-picky than usual, potentially leading to more arguments and unnecessary critiques.”

Simmons also cautions of holding onto unhealthy relationships to save the connection and partner from failing. “Since Virgo is a helpful zodiac sign, there may be a lack of boundaries during Venus in Virgo.”

The core lessons in love during Venus in Virgo, says Simmons, are learning to be just judgmental enough, discernment, and communication. “Venus in Virgo can teach us to be critical as it can be seen as an extension of knowing our worth and the potential of improving our relationship. However, we will have to learn how to be critical in a way that doesn’t tear down our romantic relationships, or hurt our partners. Discernment is another lesson as Venus in Virgo can either be intuitive or anxious in love.”

Instead of going down a rabbit hole, Simmons recommends taking a step back before coming to any conclusions about your love life. “Finally, Mercury-ruled Venus will teach us the value of effective, positive communication in our relationships. Talk about what you want or need in love!”

Backup your computer drive and hold off on those travel plans

It’s that time of year again when we can blame Mercury retrograde for everything going awry in our lives. The tiny planet goes backwards starting September 9 before it starts to move forwards on October 2.

“Retrogrades are a time to rethink, review, then revise,” Simmons says. “We are usually encouraged to pause for the cause during any retrograde, so that we can reflect on what has come up thus far before moving forward. Mercury retrogrades put this pause on conversations, any form of communication, travel, technology, and decisions.”

Since this Mercury retrograde begins in Libra, Simmons says we may notice additional themes popping up like balance, justice, peace, and commitment, in addition to travel issues, technological mishaps, miscommunication, and even past relationships resurfacing.

“Mercury retrograde can throw short and long-distance travel out of whack, causing us to feel unsure of our plans. Technological issues are sure to pop up across all forms of social media and with any device,” Simmons explains. “Since Mercury retrograde in Libra is socially-focused, there might be notable issues working with others online. The comment sections may seem more passive-aggressive than usual and there could be a rise in posts about relationships. Social media may crash several times. Usually, Instagram and Meta are fairly susceptible to Mercury retrograde!”

Simmons recommends being mindful of your tone, turf, and timing to avoid unnecessary conflic with communication as well as backing up your computer, phone, and anything else that has important files or data that needs to be updated. “Travel is also sensitive as issues will arise on your usual commute to that long-awaited vacation. It might be best to hold back from booking trips.”

Once Mercury retrograde slides back into Virgo mid-month, Simmons says it’s a chance to review our boundaries, criticisms, judgments, habits, and routines. “The second half of Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to take a step back from a critical tone to evaluate why we are being judgemental. Some judgments might be here to stay while other comments will need to be acknowledged with an apology. It would be best to work on letting go of self-criticism as well. Aside from this, Mercury retrograde in Virgo may lead to analysis paralysis. Luckily, Mercury retrograde in Virgo can help us reconsider what kind of boundaries, habits, and routines work for us. It can be a great time to experiment with what we need!”

Beware of your escapist tendencies

The full moon is on Sept 9 in Pisces, and since full moons represent a six-month cycle coming to head, Simmons suggests thinking back to the events, relationships, and themes from early March as they could come back into focus during the full moon in Pisces.

“Since this full moon is wrapping up a cycle, it may resonate on a more intuitive level. Pisces energy is subliminal and subconscious, so you may feel more introverted during this reflective full moon. Themes like escapism, daydreams, unhealthy coping tendencies, confusion, illusions, and imagination may come up. It can be an incredibly artistic full moon as it may allude to dreams coming to fruition.

” Simmons also cautions that the full moon in Pisces can also be notably sensitive, “especially since we will become wiser due to this cycle.” Since it can be emotionally intensive, Simmons suggests grounding ourselves during the watery full moon in Pisces. “Meditation, EFT tapping, and being in touch with our five senses are excellent ways to remain present during an astral full moon.”

Journal prompts might include: What are my escapist tendencies? When do these tendencies come out? Are these tendencies healthy – why or why not? What can I do to cope more effectively with my triggers, stressors, and tough times? How can I appreciate my shadow self better? What words of wisdom or love can I write to my shadow self?

Manifest your dream partnership 

With the New moon in Libra on Sept 25, Simmon says this is the perfect time to set goals, work on your intentions, and manifest. “New moons represent the beginning of a new cycle or chapter that will unfold over the next six months. Since this is the new moon in Libra, there are new opportunities to manifest reciprocity, balance, serenity, and commitment in your life. You could use the new moon to focus on romantic relationships as this is a Venusian-ruled lunation. But it could be used for any type of connection or arrangement.”

Simmons suggests using this full moon as a means to boost your social life by manifesting new, harmonious friendships or partnering with well-known professionals in your field: “Keep reciprocity in the back of your mind during this new moon in Libra since it is imperative to bring in fair commitments that serve you and the other party.”

Journal prompts might include: What does “harmony” mean to me? What can I do to meet my romantic partner halfway? What am I willing to compromise in my relationships, and why? What does “love” mean to me? How do I feel about commitment, and what makes me feel this way? What can I do to make my life more peaceful and balanced?

Are you ready for true love?

Venus enters Libra on Sept 29, and since Libra is ruled by Venus, Simmons says this is an excellent position as Venus operates easily and naturally through the sign of Libra. “We may find that partnering up or wanting to be in a relationship is an easy process — especially for any commitment-phobes! Venus in Libra can help bring out the inner romantic in all of us. It can be the perfect transit to prioritize love, partnership, and commitment!”

Generally speaking, says Simmons, Venus in Libra will encourage us to meet our partners at their level. “Matching energy to maintain balance is key. It could be positive, as it may refer to being on the same page about commitment. It could also become negative, such as being just as passive-aggressive as our significant other. Being mindful of how we match our partners is crucial since Venus in Libra wants us to be in a 50/50 relationship. Ideally, our relationships should bring us a sense of peace, love, and reciprocity. Love languages like quality time, words of affirmation, and gift giving may be more prevalent during Venus in Libra.”

Singles will feel more balanced in their search for love, too. “Venus in Virgo taught singles to hold onto their boundaries and expectations, which is perfect as Venus in Libra can now encourage singles to seek out their perfect person,” Simmons explains. “Dating gets a little easier since Venus in Libra is a naturally flirty transit. Talking to potential lovers on and offline is expected to be easier as Venus in Libra will want to bring people together. Singles may find themselves matching energy with their potential partner on dates, through text, and even in their situationships. However, the catch is not being overly agreeable for the sake of finding romance. Singles will need to maintain some of that former Venus in Virgo criticism so that they don’t overcompensate with compromising while Venus is in Libra.”

Ideally, according to Simmons, Venus in Libra will show couples if they are in relationships that are well-suited for each individual involved and if each individual’s long-term goals match one another. “Don’t be surprised if some couples have make-it-or-break-it moments, such as getting engaged or moving forward with their future together!”

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