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Trembling, until the fat melts

In the knees, Butt out, stomach in, shoulders back. This is not a normal abdomen-legs-Po program. The ground shakes, on a canvas Model Marcus turns Schenkenberg, while the real guy is standing next to me and my Practice corrected. After a few seconds on the Power Plate, I can feel legs a decent Pull in the upper.

The manufacturer of the vibrating plate promises to be Large: The Training on the device help example the weight reduction, strength of the back and support the “body forming”, as it says on the Website. Against Cellulite, the panel should proceed, and the only ten minutes of Training at a stretch. What is the promise?

The principle of vibration training is simple: “Against the Shaking of the body fights with the muscles,” explains Ingo Froböse of the German sport University Cologne. But quickly: the Power Plate or other vibration trainer, such as Galileo or XSAM, does not conjure a good figure. Just vigorously shake the can, and after ten minutes, slim and toned down again, unfortunately does not work.

Instead, it is necessary to move the body on the device in a controlled manner. Thirty seconds, half a Minute Pause, and again from the front, then the next Exercise. This is a diaphoretic, but it has a effect: “I discovered the Training when I was in a Hotel,” says Marcus Schenkenberg. “Actually, I wanted to warm myself up, but the Exercises on the plate were so exhausting that I finished the Training after ten minutes.”

Stable muscles for a healthy body

Froböse explains why: “vibration training has the advantage that it also appeals to the involuntary muscles in the body depth.” The average person can only control about 60 percent of his muscles, aware of the others would be covered by the Vibration in the Training. The muscle soreness is in Places where you did not know before, that there muscles are. According to a study, the Jolting can actually help in the long term in losing weight. “The reason is clear,” says Froböse. “Many of the muscles also consume a lot of energy, not only during the training.”

Is crucial to the sports scientists, but something else: The Training stabilizes the skeleton. “We are all, including science, have underestimated muscles in a long time.” 640 of them to run through the entire body. Alone, 140 to stabilize the back. “Keeping the muscle on the inside of the spine about vertebrae in the correct Position,” explains Froböse. To train you, Sagittarius incidents in front of disc and back pain.

Today, you also know that muscles and the brain are closely linked: “Stress in tension is noticeable,” says Froböse. Muscle training can also protect against serious diseases, because in movement, the muscle from fill cells so-called Myokine. These hormone-like messengers to protect against Diabetes type II and cardiovascular System, fat metabolism, brain, and blood vessel walls have a positive influence.

Where a Use, there is also a risk

Froböse but warns against too much euphoria: for beginners, he advises, even from Training on the Power Plate. “Are not the muscles to weak springs and the vibration forces.” Then the cartilage or even internal organs can take damage. Couch potatos should start to bend first, with Exercises like knee on a calm surface. “You can feel the Vibration only slightly,” says Froböse. “Inspection by a professional is just the beginning.”

Last week, Marcus Schenkenberg, therefore, in Hamburg, the Power Plate Cyber Training presented to: fitness studios stream a movie on a screen in the Studio, in which the top model Exercises for belly, legs, back, arms and buttocks, while a Trainer checked on the spot that the participants perform all the tasks correctly.

Not suitable vibration training to improve endurance. “You should consider the method only as a Supplement to the normal sports program,” advises Froböse. And also an other great hope is necessary to break the expert: “Cellulite is due to 60 to 80 percent genetic. The exercise tightens the tissue and can prevent the bumps from spreading further,” said the sports scientist. “The way you do not get it, but also with vibration training.”

New a Power Plate can cost from 3000 Euro up. According to fitness studios offer Training usually only against a rich Supplement to the monthly contribution. Froböse advises to train in the case of the group, in order to save money. Who does anyway, a little Sport can do to his body but also with vigorous Exercises in the sports club some Good.