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Training Congress for pharmacist opened

Pharmacists are regularly. This confirms also the participation in events such as the pharmacon in Merano, Italy. More than 900 participants attend the Congress of the Federal chamber of pharmacists, which was opened last weekend.

"The pharmacon Meran, lives and also in the 57. Nothing of its appeal is lost." Dr. Andreas Kiefer, President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists opened the Congress. He is happy that even in 2019, so a lot of pharmacists, of all generations the way to South Tyrol found. Renowned experts bring the pharmacists on the latest state of knowledge. Among the main topics of the skin, bladder and kidney, as well as the hormones in this year diseases.

In his greeting word of the jaw called on his professional colleagues, concluded in the negotiations with the policy act, in order to achieve something. "No Minister in the Federal government provides as many headlines as Jens Spahn." Unfortunately, the pharmacy could not enforce ownership of your desires. For this purpose, the shipping ban on the trade of prescription medicines from abroad is about. Pine see opportunities to score points in other areas, the Minister of health. As an example, he cited the pharmaceutical advice for patients.

The first presentations were with skin medical topics. Already today, one third of the population suffers from requiring treatment problems, and the trend is increasing. The experts were mainly on diseases of the skin of children. In addition, they employed the formulations are suitable. For example, what time is it in classical forms such as ointments and creams have to do and when to high-tech products are in demand.

With more than 900 participants of the pharmacon recorded a similar number of visitors as last year. The pharmacist will come not only from Germany but also from Italy, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, many pharmacy students attend the Congress, from the universities of Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Bonn, Mainz, Tübingen, and Münster.


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