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This is what happens in your body when you give up sugar – after 1, 7, 30, 365 days

For a sugar waiver as part of the fast, others hope of a better metabolism, a healthier intestinal flora, or a slimmer waist. FOCUS Online explains how the body actually changes, if you refrain from now on to sugar.

High sugar consumption is a long-term responsible for obesity and Diabetes, because of the constantly fluctuating blood sugar levels overwhelmed the production of insulin. But also poor sleep, frequent headaches and even depression can be the consequences of the constant up and down of blood sugar levels.

And because sugar acts in the brain as a soft drug, by activating the reward system, want to the Sweet-eaters, more and more of it – until you are finally addicted to sugar.

Sugar in any Form has, therefore, rightly, a bad Image. Not even as fast a supplier of energy or as a feed for the brain he suffered. Our body can finally turn all the carbs in the necessary glucose he needs no sugar.

The body turns carbohydrates into sugar

Therefore, Stefan Kabisch by the German Institute for nutritional research Potsdam-Rehbrücke, said: “Our body can completely do without sugar. A radical sugar waiver would be, no special stress situation for our metabolism.“

For our Psyche, however, that The more sugar someone in his meal plan has, the clearer the withdrawal from fall symptoms: irritability, fatigue, headache.

Our taste buds have to get used to sugar-free diet, for example, of unsweetened coffee or natural yogurt pure.

What sugar waiver means exactly, by the way, is quite different: The a only cakes, sweets and table sugar in coffee, tea, or homemade Desserts. The other, also on fruit sugar in fruit, and the hidden sugar in manufactured products.

The changes in the course of time:

1 day without sugar

Who is accustomed to a sweet Energy boost for Breakfast (fruit, cereal, milk, honey) or before exercise (banana), perhaps miss once the usual Power. And certainly more than once a day, the feeling must displace to need something Sweet.

Physically, nothing happens for the first time. The metabolism of a healthy person takes the short sugar freedom without a large reaction.

1 week without sugar

First positive changes are seen after three to four days.

The balanced metabolism, and stable blood sugar levels will give you more energy throughout the day, the sleep is deeper and more solid. Tight-fitting Jeans have a little more game because of a sugar-free diet provides a total of less calories.

The breath is fresh, because bacteria in the Mouth without sugar-less food and worse multiply. However, the desire for something Sweet is now very large. Fresh fruit or a piece of unsweetened cake (recipes in the Internet there are plenty of) to be able to satisfy this appetite.

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1 month without sugar

Now, the physical improvements are measurable.

Sugar promotes inflammation, and also skin blemishes, pimples, acne. In the case of sugar withdrawal, the skin is smoother, more elastic skin.

Without a sudden release of insulin through lush sugar intake also the heart beating quiet, the blood pressure remains stable in a good range. The weight loss is significantly. All of this together boosts General Fitness.

The WDR broadcast “market” has been tested by the end of 2018 with a small group of test Subjects seven people, how different Sugar forgoing weight and blood values is in effect. By Omitting sweets and sweetened drinks to a radical of sugar and carbohydrates-waiver of the condition of all subjects improved within four weeks: you decreased, body fat, muscle mass. Some risk candidates the cholesterol-improved blood sugar levels. In addition, all the candidates was that their taste was a sense during the experiment, fine.

After a month the brain is no longer lusting after the sugar-drug.

1 year without sugar

Now you should have the brain addiction once and for all from the Sugar is freed. Snacking also makes so no fun any more, because the sense of taste sweetened foods nerves than in excess glucose levels in.

Who has made it this long without sugar, can also be without it in future.

In the long term, the sugar abstainers enjoy all the health benefits, such as a large US study found last year. The researchers had compared for subjects, of which around 1200 are genetically less glucose due to, and exploitation of, what is the equivalent of a permanent sugar waiver:

The people with low sugar intake had a 57 percent lower risk of Obesity, and a 42 percent lower risk of Diabetes. Your risk of heart failure was 47% lower and the premature mortality risk by 34 percent.