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The health expert advises: lent before Easter for Slimming use

Around six out of ten young people feel too thick

More than half of the adolescents and young adults in Germany between 14 and 34 years consider themselves to be overweight and would like to lose weight. Among other things, this is due to the lack of relationship to food, says the health expert of the Schwenniger health insurance. It proposes to use the traditional time of lent in the weeks before Easter, in order to make the first step to a more conscious diet.

From the current survey, “the future of health in 2018,” shows that 57 percent of young people between 14 and 34 years hold for too thick. In the survey, the Schwenninger health insurance company, and of The Foundation “healthy workers” were interviewed 1000 teenagers and young adults on the topics of diet, health and movement.

With fasting of entrenched eating habits to break

Meanwhile, 60 percent of the young Federal citizens to replace their meals, often by a quick Snack on the go, shows the health insurance survey. This Trend has to be taken for years consecutively. “The time of lent offers the perfect opportunity for a well-worn eating habits to break and to eat better in the long run,” recommends Dr. Tanja Katrin Hantke, the health expert of the Schwenninger health insurance company, in a press release on the survey. A nice side effect of fasting: It is at the same time excess pounds can be reduced.

The most common reason for Obesity

According to the health insurance, the most common reason for Obesity is a combination of lack of exercise and poor diet. This is a lot of people are aware of it. About 80 percent of the respondents would like to do more sports and eat healthier, it may be hard to do but in the implementation.

Women hold more fat, and men are

Although women feel more often too thick, according to figures from the Federal Statistical office, in fact, more often the men who bring too much weight on the scale. “Young women to strive for still very often a slender ideal of beauty,” says the nutrition expert. In contrast, many of the young men knew often not even that you are overweight. Men had more often a wrong relationship to food than women.

With fasting, a healthier diet usher

The beginning of lent to Easter is, according to Dr. Hantke is the ideal opportunity to Start a healthier diet. Fasting is a long-proven natural healing method, its positive effect is evidenced in the health studies. In the article “fasting – guide and health benefits” you will learn how to do it.

A Positive impact of therapeutic fasting by study shows

A current fasting study confirms the positive effects on hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity and many other diseases. Researchers at the clinic Buchinger Wilhelmi on lake Constance, and the University clinic Charité in Berlin showed 1,400 Participating in a clinical, almost program that fasting is suitable both as a good and safe prevention of aging-related diseases as well as for the treatment of chronic metabolic disorders and Obesity. (vb)