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The first dead through E-cigarettes: smokers in the United States dies of lung problems

After a wave of serious lung problems after the use of E-cigarettes there are in the U.S. the first case of death. On Thursday the Ministry of health had been reported in the state of Illinois, of the death of an adult who had previously used such a cigarette and “a serious, unexplained respiratory illness to the hospital had been”.

The senior medical staff of the Ministry, Jennifer Layden said on Friday. It is looking into the case, with other health authorities. For more information about the dead, it was first.

The health authority CDC reported that the nationwide number of Affected has risen since the end of June, in the meantime, to 193 in 22 U.S. States. Although all cases had in common that previously with an E-cigarette has been smoked, yet you have taken no specific product to find the stand with all the disease. There are many different E-cigarettes and thousands of so-called Liquids – i.e. liquids that are vaporized.

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