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The diet during the colon cleansing and liver cleansing

Table of contents

  • How to eat during a colon cleanse and/or liver cleanse?
  • Food for the gut and liver
  • The diet plan during the bowel cleanse and liver cleanse – 3 days
  • General Diet guide during the colon cleansing and liver cleansing
    • Breakfast
    • Between meals
    • Lunch
    • Dinner

    How to eat during a colon cleanse and/or liver cleanse?

    In General, the man is busy all day long doing things that damage the intestine and the liver: He eats too greasy, too salty, too sweet and too much. Of other things, but he’s eating again, because his favorite foods are lacking vital nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. At the same time, people drink the Wrong (soft drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc.), and on movement, which would compensate for many dietary errors, omitted it altogether.

    Finally, the man is amazed that he’s suddenly so good. Him the plagues:

    • Digestive problems such as bloating, flatulence, constipation and / or from time to time by case
    • constant fatigue
    • high blood fat values, high blood pressure, and blood sugar problems
    • Back pain
    • Itching
    • blemished skin
    • Headache
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Overweight, don’t want to soft
    • and much more

    All of these complaints may be the sign of a congested colon and/or a congested liver. With the described combined intestinal and liver cleanse to give your colon and your liver the opportunity for recreation and Regeneration. During the cleaning itself will improve some of your complaints. More to say good-bye, if you have completed the course of treatment, but more for the healthy diet.

    Since many people ask how they should be parallel to the cure, feed, find the following particularly helpful food for the intestine and the liver, as well as a sample diet plan for 3 days:

    Food for the gut and liver

    Food, the do the intestine and the liver especially well and the found in our nutrition plan taking into account, are the following:

    • Walnuts help the liver in detoxification.
    • Green leafy vegetables are rich in Chlorophyll, which is the detoxification of fungal toxins supports.
    • Avocados enable the body’s own antioxidants education.
    • Radish, Radishand broccoli sprouts contain sulforaphane and other Glucosinolates, the very well the body’s detoxification and cleaning promote.
    • Artichokes protect the liver from the damage of oxidative species and stimulate the flow of Bile.
    • Flaxand Chia seeds to form large amounts of mucus, the intestinal mucosa from damage during your recovery.
    • Berries provide great amounts of antioxidants, including the intestinal and liver tissue, protecting against free Radicals.
    • Turmeric and ginger promote the flow of Bile, anti-inflammatory, liver schütztend and antioxidant.
    • Garlic blocks the storage of heavy metals in the tissues (even the brain) and relieves the liver.
    • Chillies improve liver function, prevent liver scarring and help in the re-formation of a fatty liver.
    • Olive oil protects the liver.

    In addition, you can use these two foods:

    • Green tea also protects the liver against, for example, chemicals from cigarette smoke. Of course, you should not choose an organic tea, that it delivers more toxins than it helps eliminate.
    • Papaya seeds support the Regeneration of the liver (a day five to six of the dried cores).

    The diet plan during the bowel cleanse and liver cleanse – 3 days

    A diet plan during the described intestinal and liver cleansing, for example, might look like this:

    The corresponding table with the diet plan, you can find here at this Link.

    The nutrition plan is designed for the autumn/winter season. In the summer you will select, of course, seasonally appropriate vegetables.

    Of course, you can Plan your taste, your energy and your time limit to adjust. You can also have Breakfast, for example, only fruits early if you want to. You can have between meals, are eliminated, and Intermittent fasting practice. You can eat more raw food and if you have time, you can also install fresh squeezed juices. So you can see how flexible you can be, follow the General nutrition advice, with various proposals to the respective meals.

    General Diet guide during the colon cleansing and liver cleansing

    The General dietary suggestions for a diet during the colon and liver cleansing are as follows:


    • Fruits or fruit salad or
    • freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice or
    • a green Smoothie ( Green Smoothie recipes) or
    • a basic muesli (for example, base time of Alvito or one of the delicious Breakfast consisting of mixtures of Iswari) with rice or oat drink or just warm water touched or
    • Wholemeal toast with vegetarian bread spread (e.g., string of dwarf meadow) and vegetable sticks (cucumbers, tomatoes, Radishes, carrots, etc.)
    • For more Breakfast ideas here: Healthy and fast Breakfast or for Advanced here: Basic Breakfast

    Between meals

    • Most of the Breakfast referred to meals can of course also serve as a snack, such as fresh fruit, a green Smoothie or muesli.
    • Also a basic Snack is ideal, what you will find here ideas that you can prepare at home and take it to work: Basic Snacks and Healthy Snacks


    • Salads: A great salad made of green leafy vegetables (lettuce, Radicchio, sugar loaf, lamb’s lettuce, like combined with white cabbage, red cabbage, etc.), if available wild plants (dandelion, goutweed, plantain, Reporting, purslane, etc.) or herbs, also with self-grown seedlings (sprouts). Also finely grated root or tuberous vegetables should be used (e.g. Beetroot, parsnips, radish, Kohlrabi, celeriac, etc.). The latter can be prepared also be a separate salad. The salads are seeds with a Dressing of lemon juice, freshly squeezed orange juice, or Apple cider vinegar and cold pressed high quality Oils (hemp, Flax or olive oil), if desired algae flakes (for example, “seaweed salads” in the natural food trade) and the sea, herbs, rock salt, or a Nettle spice blend refined.
    • Or a vegetable soup
    • Or, in short, steamed vegetables with a gluten-free side dish such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, millet, buckwheat, Quinoa, corn polenta, gluten-free Pasta, etc. (here you can find basic vegetable dishes and here is a basic potato dishes)
    • If you do not belong to the people who have so much time for food preparation, you will find many of the suggestions for a healthy and quick lunch: Healthy food for those in a Hurry


    For dinner, there should be an easily digestible dish, best vegetable soup, or another light vegetable dish. Raw food is suitable in the evening only for people that raw food can digest, and already on a raw food diet stressed diet are accustomed. For raw food beginners, a cooked food in the evening is usually easier to digest.

    Under the following Links you will find many suggestions:

    • Recipe: soups from the centre of the health
    • Recipe: Vegan Vegetable Dishes
    • Recipe: Basic Soups
    • Recipe: Vegan Soups
    • Recipe: Ayurvedic Dishes

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