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The Brazilian Cream That Sells Every 28 Seconds Inspired a $10 Hand Sanitizer (and It Smells Just as Good)

If you’d have told me in 2019 that I’d spend the greater part of 2020 sniffing hand sanitizer, I would’ve been skeptical. Prior to this year, the only time I reached for sanitizer was after encountering a mysterious substance on the subway. (My first month in New York City, I leaned against a wall and came away with sludge in my hair. Never forget.) 

Clearly, times have changed. We’re neck-deep into 2020, and I’m currently going outside about 15 percent as much as I normally would. When I do venture out into Covid-land, I carry at least two mini bottles of hand sanitizer on my person at all times. I used to be one of those people who left the house with five lipsticks (just in case), so this is a less fun swap — except when it comes to Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray, available both on the brand’s website and at Sephora. 

Buy It! Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray, $10; or

Sol de Janeiro describes the fragrance as a mixture of pistachio, almond, jasmine, vanilla, salted caramel, and sandalwood — all of which blend together to smell like what I imagine Gisele Bündchen’s hair emanates. It’s like if you combined the scents of piña coladas, fancy sunscreen, tropical flowers, and sun-warmed towels with a coronavirus-killing James Bond-type assassin. Maybe this hand sanitizer is my role model?  

In probably the best thing to happen because of the pandemic, that addictive tropical scent is now available in sanitizer form with a powerful 80 percent alcohol content. The passion for Brazil’s best-selling export goes deep: Sol de Janeiro’s vegan Brazilian Bum Bum Cream first captivated scores of shoppers with its incredible scent and skin-smoothing capabilities, and one bright orange tub sells every 28 seconds thanks, in part, to over 13,000 fawning reviews. 

Knowing fans’s enthusiasm, this iteration isn’t going to stay in stock for long. An added bonus? As of now, Sol de Janeiro’s donated 50,000 bottles to healthcare workers. And per the brand’s blog, each month it’s donating 10,000 more sanitizers to a different healthcare or community organization. We might still have to stay inside to ease the burden on the frontlines, but this olfactory vitamin D makes it easier.  

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