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Study: relaxation techniques help with childhood headaches

Children: relaxation techniques to help with headaches

Relaxation techniques can protect children to prevent headaches. A current Stuide comes to the conclusion that there seems to be no matter what relaxation method is applied.

Stress is considered a trigger factor for the Occurrence of headache, therefore, for the prevention relaxation exercises for stress are recommended for reduction. A recent study looked at in this context, the effects of Meditation, Biofeedback, or hypnosis. The Dutch scientists children surveyed between the ages of 9 and 18 years of age with primary, at least two Times a month headaches. The 131 children were randomly assigned to three groups. In the two intervention groups for the purpose of stress reduction over a period of three months of either the transcendental meditation have been carried out exercises (n=42) or hypnosis therapy administered (n=45), while the young patients in the active control group, progressive muscle relaxation practiced (n=44).

The children in the hypnosis group received six individual 50-minute hypnosis therapy sessions. All participants were encouraged to take the Exercises to apply up to twice daily at home. Painkillers, anti-emetics, and prophylactic medications to reduce the headache symptoms were allowed.

Headaches decreased

It showed that in all groups, headache frequency was reduced after three months significantly from 18.9 to 12.5 days, or 10.5 days to nine months, without significant differences between the groups were evident. In addition, 32% of the children reported that after three and 43% after nine months, an improvement in their headache symptoms. In all three groups, the consumption of analgesics could be reduced equally. Source: Carstens Foundation