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Spahns big plans: to the Minister with our emergency departments has

If you are unwell, some not until the next day to the doctor, but in the emergency room at the hospital. There, the staff is coming in behind you often. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to now with the new rules.

Patients have to wait for hours, Doctors and nurses, it brings to the Limit and beyond, To over-crowded Rescue in many hospitals to relieve, is to be converted to emergency care outside of normal practice opening Hours fundamentally. At the Moment, too many patients would be much in the hospitals, said Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) in Berlin on Tuesday. In the new year, he wants to bring, therefore, a large-scale operation, including a fundamental change in the law. Central goal: greater control of the patients according to the urgency of the matter – about the new bundled Steering by telephone and in the clinics.

More and more people to seek emergency rooms

Not only in big cities, it’s not been a Problem for years, that more and more patients go directly to emergency rooms instead, for example, to a doctor – even though they are already always in acute Distress. 47 percent of the emergencies accounted for, eight years ago, on the hospitals, it was three years ago 53 percent. And regional differences also exist, such as the Ministry explained. So went in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern almost 60 per cent of the Insured to a doctor, in Berlin, by contrast, around 80 per cent in the clinic.

In crowded emergency departments, it then comes regularly to Stress for the staff and sometimes also irritable mood in the Queue. To counteract this, plans to Spahn far-reaching Changes in three areas, and want to get the States into the boat:

When patients call…

…should contact in case of emergency, in the future, to common control under the well-known emergency number 112 and the even less well-known medical on-call service with the number 116 117. There should be an initial assessment and in the appropriate supply level, get sent: to the hospital, a willingness to practice, or even in a very normal office hours on Monday morning. As this kind of emergency-Hotline are organized exactly, is still to be determined. Because the 112 is the fire brigade emergency call, in which no queue is to be created.

When patients go to the hospital…

…to it at certain clinics "built-in Notfallzentren" give – not only as an Option, as in some hospitals practiced. Established on – call physicians and hospital-based physicians work with a Central receiver, which decides on the appropriate treatment. The Federal Joint Committee of Doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies had decided in the spring of a concept, according to which it is likely, in the future, less likely to be hospitals that are set up for emergencies – you should guarantee but a reasonable service. From 1748 houses to get, therefore, still 1120 corresponding surcharges, it could fall 628 hospitals.

If a rescue comes the car…

…not to go there as regularly and often to the hospital. The previous rule is to be eliminated, that the health insurance wagers will pay only if the Transport is in the hospital.

Into force of the new regulations are designed to occur according to the Ministry beginning in 2020, then the Parties to the health care system should get even more time for preparations. Up to the concrete implementation, it could take approximately up to 2021.

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