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So the Germans want their Sex and he is really

You asked people to your ideas in terms of a fulfilling sex life, not apart rarely wishful thinking and reality. A current study on the sexual shows, however, that the Federal citizens in some areas of your Ideal very close to the behavior of the Germans.

What is the perfect Sex? Five Times a week for about 30 minutes – so the German front, according to a study commissioned by Durex, the perfect sex life. The survey has shown, however, that in many of the beds in Germany, a lot of air upwards.

So half of Germans (47%) is just not satisfied with your love life. More than one in Ten of them is not at all happy with what is happening between the sheets – or not happening. Basically, the male German citizens to rate their sex life to be more positive than the women. Around 45% of the men give your love life the good. In the case of women it is only just over 37%. After all, one of the five German his sex life find great. Almost 17%, however, describe it as unsatisfactory.

Brandenburg and men like it a little longer

According to the current survey results, the Sex lasts in German beds, an average of 23 minutes and 53 seconds, where the age group of 18 – to 24-Year-olds in the Federal German average, takes the longest time: 24 minutes and 55 seconds including foreplay. If you look at the States, life & the connoisseurs love in Brandenburg. There the average is 29 minutes. This comes from the desire of the Germans for the ideal Sexlänge very close, this is a half-hour.

Women and men are in agreement on this point. The German women dream of 29 minutes in intimate togetherness, the German men would be even a little more time and spend on average 31 minutes, if you are asked how long you want your Sex.

Five Times a week, appears in the German as a perfect frequency to devote themselves to the Partner. Here the wish is father to the thought, because the respondents have, on average, 2 Times per week Sex.