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Sit at a Desk All Day? This Unique Pillow Will Help You Relieve Neck, Shoulder, Upper Back & TMJ Pain

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Whether you’ve been diagnosed with TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), aka pain and discomfort of the jaw joint and muscles, or simply feel the strain of everyday aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and upper back, you might have already tried everything from doctor visits to pricey gadgets and time spent stretching and hoping for relief. It seems that nearly 26,000 Amazon reviewers have found a simple, affordable solution, and it’s less than $24.

This top-rated neck and shoulder relaxer
(typically $29.99 but on sale for $23.99) is made of a dense foam that serves as a base to rest your head and neck. It might take some getting used to, but once you’re comfortable using it, you’ll feel it working to support your spine’s proper curvature, feeling less pain and strain in a matter of minutes.

It’s available in five different colors
(blue, dark blue, black, pink, and purple) and its compact design means you can use it anytime, anywhere, even if you’re on a busy train, settling in for a long flight, or you’re in the passenger seat of a car. Its ergonomic design ensures that you’re not only getting a gentle massage but also enough support to correct imbalances in the upper body muscles that prevent you from feeling comfortable day and night. The gradual stretch will help realign your posture so you’ll feel better even when you’re not using it, making it a must-have item for anyone who sits all day at a desk and feels the pull of gravity on the gentle neck, jaw, and shoulder area.

Plenty of reviewers with all sorts of alignment issues and pain are singing the praises of this tiny device. “I’ve had neck issues for awhile. This product definitely reduces pain and helps to realign your joints,” shared one recent five-star buyer.

“This works so well. Instantly fixed my neck stiffness and some numbness I had that occasionally ran down my arm,” wrote another.

And yet another called it “very therapeutic,” adding, “This is a very comfortable way to ease the stress on your stiff neck. It eases the pain in the neck and shoulders. I wish I discovered this device sooner. Just 10 minutes using this made a world of difference for me. Glad I bought it!”


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