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Save £86 on the revolutionary BioWaveGO device that offers 100% drug-free pain relief

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The BioWaveGO device works by placing the pads that are attached to a pocket-sized unit onto the location of the pain. After the pads are in place, the device uses a high frequency, alternating electrical current system that blocks pain deep at the source for long-lasting relief. The treatments included in the system range from a slight tingling to a deeper muscle massage, depending on what kind of pain relief you require.

The compact device can be used to treat acute injuries, old sports injuries and help manage a number of chronic pain conditions including arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel Syndrome and repetitive strain injury.

In multiple clinical studies conducted using this innovative device, 84 percent of patients reported a significant decrease in the pain they were experiencing after just one 30 minute session. Each of these short sessions can provide up to 24 hours of pain relief for chronic, acute, and post-operative pain – which is a huge step up from pain medications which usually only provide a few hours of relief per dose.

Usually retailing for £385, BioWaveGO is currently offering a special discounted rate for Daily Express readers on purchases made before December 1. If you’re interested in scoring some savings, just use the code EXPRESS21 at checkout to receive Fa discount of £86, bringing the total price down to £299.

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Even if you aren’t a sufferer of chronic pain, the device has established a fan base made up of many elite and amateur sportspeople alike, as it can treat pain, facilitate motion, decrease stiffness and reduce instances of muscle spasms – which will help to speed up your post-workout recovery.

Buy: BioWaveGO (£299) with code EXPRESS21

Dr Dominic Hegarty, a Consultant in Pain Management and Neuromodulation from one of Ireland’s leading private hospitals, said: “Chronic pain has a detrimental impact on the lives of people suffering from and those around them, often stopping them from leading the full and active lives they deserve.

“This stretches from not being able to care for children and undertake simple activities such as a trip to the park, right through to being able to work.

“For many people living with pain, their body becomes an obstacle that they are unable to overcome.”

He went on to say: “Over the past 12 months, we have been using BioWaveGO with great results, with eight out of ten finding a BioWaveGO treatment has reduced the pain they are experiencing by up to 50 or 60 percent.

“The treatment is particularly well suited to individuals looking to reduce pain in a focussed area such as wrists, elbows, shoulders or lower back. Individuals can expect to experience a reduction in pain within 20 to 30 minutes of using the device.”

He added: “BioWaveGO offers a drug-free, accessible and alternative therapy that can help individuals take back control of their pain management”.

You can buy BioWaveGO from, and if you purchase a device before December 1 don’t forget to use the code EXPRESS21 at checkout to save £86.

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