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Protein rich diet is particularly important for older people

The importance of proteins for older people?

Older adults should take more protein rich foods, if you want to lose weight, have a chronic or acute disease or a hospital stay. However, in General, protein-rich food supplements should be preferred with Protein.

Researchers found in various studies that older adults for their health-rich foods should take more protein. Your health can also benefit in difficult situations, with the exception of.

In a time of Stress for older people to process Protein less efficiently

During certain stress stays phases (diets, diseases and hospital) process aging body uses Protein less efficiently and thus need more to get muscle mass, muscle strength, bone health and other important physiological functions. Even healthy seniors need more Protein than people in younger years, in order to obtain your muscle mass, say the experts. Up to a third of the older adult dental problems, taste disturbance, difficulty swallowing, and limited financial resources, however, due to reduced appetite, is not a sufficient amount of food with Protein. In connection with a tendency to a lack of exercise to the risk that the muscles deteriorated, and the mobility is affected for the person Concerned. Affected recover slower from diseases, and a loss of independence occurs more frequently.

Benefits of the intake of Protein

Recent research suggests that older adults who consume more protein, the less problems you have to get dressed, to get out of bed, climb stairs, and much more. In a study from the year 2018, which monitored more than 2,900 seniors over a period of 23 years of medical, the scientists, that part had the participants, which took most of the Protein, 30 percent less likely to be functionally impaired, compared with subjects who took the lowest amounts of Protein.

Difficulties due to too low of a protein intake

In another study, which involved nearly 2,000 older adults, had people who consumed the lowest amount of Protein, almost twice as often difficulty walking, compared with people who consumed the largest amount of Protein.

Too little Protein can accelerate the loss of muscle mass

During the consumption of a sufficient amount of Protein can prevent the age-related loss of muscles as a whole, can be too little Protein is an aggravating factor, the result is that older people lose fast to muscles.

How much Protein should the elderly?

The most commonly cited Standard is the recommended dose of 0.8 grams of Protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Older adults have been included only rarely in studies, which were carried out for the definition of the recommended daily dose of Protein. Experts warned for a long time already that the normal default and recommended the intake of Protein could be the health needs of the older population is not appropriate.

Sick elderly need to take in more Protein

Following a Review of further evidence, an international group of Physicians and nutrition experts recommended in the year 2013, for example, that healthy elderly people should take daily up to 1.2 grams of Protein per kilogram of body weight. For seniors with acute or chronic illnesses, medical professionals suggested that a protein intake of 1.2 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight, the exact quantity of the particular disease, its severity, and other factors. It’s even higher amounts could be up to two grams of Protein per kilogram of body weight, in severely ill or malnourished older adults. These above recommendations do not apply, however, for seniors with kidney disease, add the experts.

Protein consumption evenly throughout the day?

Another recommendation calls on older people to distribute the protein consumption evenly throughout the day. This is evident from studies which show that senior citizens are in the processing of Protein in your diet less efficient and, possibly, a higher dose per meal need. For this reason, doctors suggest that older adults should take 25 to 30 grams of Protein per meal. In practice, this means a change in thinking, particularly in relation to the Breakfast, because the protein intake tends to be lowest. Oatmeal or cereal with milk are not sufficient. People should think according to the experts, a Greek yogurt, an Egg or Turkey sausage Breakfast add.

Should a dietary Supplement with Protein taken?

How it behaves with the use of powdered or liquid protein supplements? There is no need for supplements, unless someone is malnourished, sick or in the hospital, say the researchers in General. Real food with Protein are always preferable to supplements with Protein. If there is no possibility to take real meals, however, in order to consume Protein Shakes. Older adults should not take routine Protein Shakes instead of meals. This can in the long term, lead to reduced Protein and calorie intake, experts warn. (as)