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Poisoning accidents: This App should have all the parents

Free App for poisoning accidents in children

Especially small kids are often things in the mouth, which can cause severe poisoning. Here, quick Action is required to avoid life-threatening situations. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) has, therefore, some years ago, a free App, making in case of emergency, directly contact the poison information centres. An App that can save lives.

“The award-winning App cause provides information on chemicals, drugs, fungi, and plants, the poisoning accidents in children &#8211 can; and how to prevent them“, reported to the BfR in the current message. A call to the poison information centres directly from the App in the event of an emergency. Parents can download the App on the website of the BfR free of charge.

Real help for parents

While many of the Apps is the meaning of quite can be questioned, the BfR App “poisoning accidents in children” for parents in case of emergency, a real help. It imparts knowledge, to protect babies and young children against poisoning and provides recommendations for the prevention of accidents, for example, through child-safe storage of drugs, household chemicals, and other products. A high profile topic, because poisoning for children Falls are the most common type of accident, according to the BfR.

Instructions for emergency situations

In addition, the App provides information that can save lives in an emergency, the notification of the BfR. A call to one of the eight German poison information centres was directly from the App. The App does not replace the emergency number 112 but and poisoning accidents must be supplied in each case in a professional manner, the note of the experts.

Free information material available

The BfR App “poisoning accidents in children” was last updated at the end of 2018 technically and in terms of content expanded, so that now, for example, all the plants on the official list of toxic species of plants with image. It is for the operating systems Android and iOS available free as a Download. Currently, the BfR is advertising for a thickness distribution of the App and has provided information, material, doctor’s offices, childcare facilities and schools free of charge may request, in order to inform parents and the Supervising of small children through the App. “The App helps to take in cases of emergency the right move,” says BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel.(fp)