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Pieces of glass are possible: Alnatura back calls for dried chickpeas

Alnatura informed about the recall of the article “Alnatura chickpeas” dried in 500g bags with the minimum shelf-life data, 14.01.2021 and 27.01.2021. As the company informs, can not be excluded that there is a foreign body made of glass are in individual packs of the product.

Because it cannot be excluded that in the article "Alnatura chickpeas are“ pieces of glass, has Alnatura launched a recall. The goods have already been taken as a precaution from the sale. This &quot reported;product".

Is affected, the following article:


Article: Alnatura chickpeas, dried
Packing unit: 500g bag
Minimum shelf life: 14.01.2021 and 27.01.2021

Customers who have chickpeas, a box of Alnatura with the above-mentioned minimum durability data to your home, you should not eat, as a precaution, and can bring the product back. You will of course receive a replacement.


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