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Painful wrist condition can be caused by excess gaming, texting and solo sex

Certain habits done to excess are known to aggravate muscles and could cause long-term injury if care isn't taken.

With many opting to stay indoors throughout the hot water, video gaming and even texting too much is known to cause a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

You may notice a sudden tingling and numbness in your fingers and hands, with all fingers affected except the little finger.

You may also feel a sensation like an electric shock which travels from the wrist up the arm.

What exactly is carpal tunnelling, how can you treat it – and can too much masturbating exacerbate it?

What are the main causes of carpal tunnel?

“Nine tendons and a nerve (called the median nerve) pass through a tube called the carpal tunnel that goes from your forearm to your palm,” says WebMD.

The health site added: “Repeated movements, like texting, typing, or video gaming, can inflame the tube and push on the nerve.

“This could cause pain, especially in your forearm.

“You might also notice numbness, tingling, and a weaker grip.”

Symptoms of carpal tunnel

  • An ache or pain in your fingers, hand or arm
  • Numb hands
  • Tingling or pins and needles
  • A weak thumb or difficulty gripping.

Does gaming cause carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel in gamers is caused by repetitive gripping with an extended wrist.

This is common in both console and computer video games, as well as traditional daily computer use.

According to Mayo Clinic, there are a few risk factors and groups of people more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Can masturbating cause carpal tunnel?

"The likelihood of getting carpal tunnel syndrome is directly related to the frequency and duration of the repetitive activity,” says Dr Lucky Sekhon.

“But, if you're pairing your masturbation routine with other hand-heavy activities throughout the day, you may be upping your risk of injury.

"It is possible that other repetitive activities, such as typing on a keyboard, texting or gaming, could have additive effects, which make an individual more prone to developing symptoms of carpal tunnel when engaging in other activities, such as masturbating.”

According to the NHS, ways to treat carpal tunnelling include:

  • Wearing a wrist splint
  • Stopping or cutting down on things that may be causing it
  • Painkillers
  • Hand exercises.

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