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Norovirus suspected in allgäu Hotel: 40 holidaymakers in medical treatment

Norovirus is suspected in an allgäu Hotel: Because in the case of several guests at the same time by the case of the phenomena have occurred, has ordered the health Department in Bad Hindelang disinfection measures. Dozens of guests are well cared for medically.

In the Allgäu region, around 40 guests from a hotel to a gastro-intestinal are suffering from infection. The Board of health ordered on Monday extensive disinfection measures for the Hotel in Bad Hindelang. How the Landratsamt Oberallgäu reported, are only ill guests and employees of the house. The authorities suspect that norovirus is prevalent in the Hotel grass. The results of the Tests, however, are expected in the coming days.

In the Hotel arrived on Saturday, a lot of vacationers. Some of them were shown on Sunday signs of the disease, on Monday, the health was on velvet. As a spokesman of the district authority explained, power is supplied to the sick in the Hotel medical. The Norovirus is very easily transmitted and is one of the world’s most common pathogens for sudden vomiting and diarrhea.