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Menopause symptoms: Doctor warns UTI symptoms may appear in postmenopausal women

This Morning: Doctor discusses possible cause of UTI symptoms

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This Morning doctor, Dr Ellie Cannon, advised a woman suffering from a urinary tract infection even after finishing a course of antibiotics that she could actually be experiencing urinary discomfort due to postmenopausal changes.

Dr Ellie said: “The postmenopausal changes in the pelvic area, actually, mean the urethra isn’t as healthy as it was.

“It may not be urinary infections you are experiencing but urinary discomfort.”

The doctor described that everything feels “very sore” and the bladder can be irritable.

She advised that this discomfort caused by postmenopausal changes might be something to talk about with your GP or gynaecologist.

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On This Morning, a woman asked Dr Ellie for advice regarding her urinary infection that came back even after antibiotic treatment.
The doctor said: “Women are quite badly designed, unfortunately. Everything is quite close together.
“The urethra, where the urine comes out, is right next to the vagina, which is right next to the rectum.
“That allows bacteria to go into the urinary tract and that’s why women get more urinary tract infections than men.”

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