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Meat Vegetables: Fast Food chain responds with oblique concept on the meat Trend

Meat Vegetables or abbreviated “Megetables”: This is the answer of the Restaurant chain Arby’s Meat on the current Boom of the meat-producers such as Beyond. While currently a vegan meat replacement products are booming almost, is the American company so a completely contrary way. Vegetables from meat as a counter-product to vegan burgers & Co.?

Company confirms: no kidding!

In the case of the Meat Vegetables, it is by no means a joke, as the company explains on the demand of the “world”. “It is not a PR Stunt,“ a spokesman for the chain. The new creation is currently still in the test kitchen, but savvy soon the palates of meat-Fast-Food-Fans to enjoy: “We have to sell them in our Restaurants,“ says the spokesman. “We are currently working.“

Also, the marketing chief from Arby’s, Jim Taylor, seems to be the idea from Meat to Vegetables firmly convinced. “If other meat can make from vegetables, why should we be able to make vegetables out of meat?”, Taylor writes in a corporate blog of the company.

Carrot from Turkey breast

The first product sounds strange: a carrot – Turkey breast. Finally, Taylor is convinced that, In reality, Americans of a – “delicious meat want”. On the Internet the first images of the strange meat are circulating already carrot – which bears the name “Marrot“.

Other Fast-Food chains rely on the vegan Trend

While Arby’s undeterred on keeping meat consumption and the Meat Vegetables wants to establish, put other Fast-Food chains such as Burger King or TGI Fridays, more and more meat substitute products. The companies such as Beyond Meat, or their biggest competitor Impossible Foods high turnover brings. At McDonald’s, the Trend to vegan burgers is not passed: In April of this year, the American Fast-Food giant took out a vegan Burger to the range. Whether the Meat Vegetables are, however, a success, however, remains to be seen.

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