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Long Covid: New survey shows devastating toll of long Covid – from hair loss to low libido

Long Covid: Dr Sara Kayat discusses impact on children

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As the number of cases grows and long Covid becomes a greater public health concern and public health pressure, scientists are trying to learn as much about it as possible.

In a new survey published by Healthily, participants found that nearly half of the female participants had had their libido wiped out.

Another way to describe libido is someone’s sexual desire.

How high someone’s libido is can indicate the state of overall health in some cases.

Speaking of the results Professor Maureen Baker, Healthily’s Chief Medical Officer said: “The long COVID survey from Healthily shines a spotlight on the type of long COVID symptoms women are reporting.

“Women in the survey really struggled with their libido, nearly half, and this can then lead to problems in their relationships with 34 percent reported as well as many saying this had affected their fertility.”

Women in the survey said they also experienced hair loss in the aftermath of their Covid infection.

In the early days of the vaccination programme there were concerns by critics over whether the life-saving vaccine could affect fertility.

There is no evidence to back up this claim.

Practising London-based GP Dr Ann Nainan, expanded on the results: “If your libido has been low lately, it may naturally return to whatever is normal for you in time. But, there are also some changes you can make to your lifestyle or relationship that may help increase your sex drive.

“Women are coming into surgery reporting fatigue, brain fog, and low mood – so it’s hardly surprising that our survey found that they have also lost their sex drive too.

“It can take several weeks or months to get over a COVID-19 infection and even longer in some cases, so it’s important to see your doctor for support.”

The loss of libido in some women is another insight into the impact long Covid is having on patients.

Meanwhile, it isn’t just adults who have bene affected by long Covid; children have too.

Over 100,000 children are living with long Covid according to a recent report by the ONS; a number set to grow and one that is concerning form some scientists and doctors.

Professor Deepti Gurdasani is one of those concerned about the impact of long Covid on children.

Speaking to she said: “children have been exposed to the full effect of Covid which includes long Covid”.

The full effect refers to the fact children have been subject to almost every single variant of Covid-19 without vaccination.

As a result, they have not been adequately protected.

Professor Gurdasani says: “It’s quite amazing to me how little attention policy has paid to children who are clearly developing chronic illnesses…I can’t think of any other disease in children that has this level of impact”.

Going forward, as greater effort is put to treating long Covid in adults, it is important children are not left behind.

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