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Light increase the risk for heart disease and stroke drinks seizures?

Damage artificially sweetened drinks to health?

The consumption of artificially sweetened beverages is widely used and seems to have a negative impact on our health. If people take a day, two to three Light drinks, which are artificially sweetened, this will increase the risk of stroke by a quarter and the likelihood for heart disease by a third. The consumption of Light drinks also increases the risk of premature death, the results of a recent study.

Scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine noted in its recent study that the regular consumption of artificially-sweetened beverages increases our risk for heart disease and stroke significantly. The experts published the results of their study in the English journal “Stroke”.

Calories save Light drinks?

Many overweight or obese people drink low-calorie, sweetened drinks to save calories in your diet and so lose weight. The current study and other studies have already shown that artificially sweetened drinks are not harmless, and a high consumption is associated with an increased risk for strokes and heart diseases.

Obese people are especially at risk

The new findings are based on a large study of women and show that people who drink two or more diet drinks per day, and also obese were more than twice as high risk of stroke. The results indicate a correlation, but no evidence that diet drinks to strokes and heart cause problems, experts say.

The study analyzed data from 81.714 subjects

The current investigation included the data of 81.714 women, which were at the beginning of the study between the ages of 50 and 79 years. The participants were monitored for an average period of twelve years, medical. The study has not been specifically studied individual artificial sweeteners, so the doctors know which species were consumed artificially-sweetened beverages. Thus, it remains unclear which artificial sweeteners could be harmful and what may be harmless. In the best case, should drink people simply water, if you want to take a low-calorie beverage.

You abstain for your health on diet drinks