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Kills cancer cells: The truth about alcohol-free beer – Video

The Germans love their beer. However, the contained alcohol is a poison to the body. In the alcohol-free Version of the juice of the Barley has to show, however, even a positive effect on the human organism, such as Bavarian researchers now. That is largely down to the combination of two substances.

Alcohol is harmful to the body. The word has also in the last of the regulars around. That beer can affect the human organism, however, also positive, have now found researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. And then, if it is alcohol-free beer.

Because while the alcohol harms in conventional juice of the Barley the body in the long run, have the ingredients, Xanthohumol and Iso-alpha acids have a positive impact. In the Former, it is a plant material that could previously only be detected in hops, and the hops flowers their yellow color. According to the researchers, it inhibits a by Obesity and malnutrition caused by fatty degeneration of the liver and stop the scarring of the liver. In addition, the substance of the liver cancer cells and connective of weight gain with Overfeeding kill.

Good for the liver

Also good for the health, the researchers evaluate the contained Iso-alpha acids. They occur during brewing and to give the beer its bitterness. They inhibited liver damage and influenced the fat and sugar metabolism. A particularly favorable effect on the body showed the substances in combination. Then, inflammatory processes are inhibited, for example, yet to be more effective. Already very low concentrations inhibited the production of inflammatory factors in the liver and blood cells.

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Beer, however, is not a medicine, warns study leader, Claus Hellerbrand (QUOTE): “however, It is conceivable that the consumption of alcohol-free beer or other hops-containing food is to achieve products and beverages, such as hops, lemonade or Hopfentee a positive effect. Just for the treatment or prevention of liver damage caused by obesity, Xanthohumol and Iso-alpha acids seem to be very promising.“

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