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Jenna Jameson Just Posted 3 Photos Showing How Keto Changed Her Back And Butt

  • Jenna Jameson just shared three photos showing off her 80-pound weight loss on the keto diet since April.
  • According to Jenna, seeing her progress in photographs helps her stay motivated on the diet.
  • Jenna also credits intermittent fasting—which she has been doing since July—with helping to tighten her loose skin.

Honestly, it’s been a year for Jenna Jameson. Girl lost 80 pounds on the keto diet in just eight months—and now she’s reflecting on her weight-loss journey in a new Instagram post.

“How cool are these progress shots?” Jenna wrote, captioning three side-by-side pictures of her weight-loss journey. “I am obsessed with seeing my healthy habits take action!”

[instagram align=’center’ id=’Brlfku3BcSO’][/instagram][poll id=’f1b47f25-73c4-4329-aa56-38b03816c7d7_4232917784ce’ type=’text’ question=’Do you take progress photos of your weight loss?’ answer1=’Yes! It really is so motivating.’ answer2=’Nah, I measure my weight loss through other ways.’][/poll]

Jenna says she snapped the first photo when she was 200 pounds and just starting the keto diet. In the next, she was close to her goal weight at 127 pounds, and the last is her “happy place” at 120 pounds.

According to Jenna, these progress pictures are her key motivation on the keto diet (she’s mentioned taking them quite a few times as a way to keep her on track).

Another trick to keeping herself motivated: Jenna actually tries on clothes she used to wear before her weight-loss journey to see her progress that way, too. “People always ask me how I stay motivated and don’t cheat on #keto,” she wrote in another Instagram post wearing a Christmas pajama set. “Well THIS right here is my motivation. This pajama set is an XXL that I wore SNUGGLY last Christmas.”[/

Of course, the keto diet isn’t the only reason for her weight loss—Jenna has also been doing intermittent fasting since July, and she gave that part of her diet a shout-out too: “As you can see by the third, my skin is starting to tighten a bit, thanks to #intermittentfasting,” she wrote. (Jenna has said previously that she fasts from 6 p.m. to 11 a.m. the next day.)

“Once again I can’t stress how important taking progress pictures is! It helps my motivation immensely,” wrote Jenna at the end of her post—and IDK about you, but she definitely makes me want to start taking selfies all the damn time, too.

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