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It helps with weight loss, if You have a few habits in the Morning to change

Even before you are properly awake, make many people quite unconsciously, a couple of errors that prevent you from losing weight. Small Changes in the Morning Routine can speed up the diet success.

To take in the evening, no carbohydrates, or after 18 o’clock nothing more to eat – all well and good. But who wants to lose weight or desired weight want to keep, should start in the morning and some habits to change.

Habit 1: the long sleep

On the weekends or holidays and needed a night’s sleep, is seductive. Especially since studies have shown that lack of sleep makes you fat. Blame it on increased Cortisol values. The Stress hormone stimulates, among other things, the appetite. However, it is equally bad to sleep too much. In a PLOS-One study, participants who spent the night more than ten hours in bed had higher BMI values than the Seven-hour sleepers.

Custom 2: in the dim light ready

Strong light bothers many people immediately after Waking up. You Pitter-patter you prefer a dim light to the coffee machine or in the bathroom. Wrong, says a study that also appeared on the science page of PLOS One: After getting Up, should be equal to meeting plenty of sunshine or at least daylight on the body. This brings the metabolism and calorie-burning momentum. 20 to 30 minutes of natural light a day will have a positive effect on the BMI.


Habit 3: The bed rumpled can

It sounds a bit absurd that it should help you lose weight, make in the morning, his bed. But there is a connection: first, an examination of the American Sleep Foundation has shown that people who teach after getting Up your bed neatly, sleep better than others. And good sleep is to Increase a factor against the. And secondly, the disciplined “bed-makers tend to” also, on a different level to a controlled behavior – for example, when you eat.

Habit 4: The scale to ignore

A two-year observation study, “Cornell University” with overweight women and men showed that those who were daily on the balance held is successful, decreases, and your weight better than others. The best time to step on the scale, is in the morning after getting Up and before Breakfast – then the measurement is most accurate. And the number should be higher than the day before, you have the whole day to accelerate the weight-loss through less eating and more exercise.

Habit 5: skipping Breakfast

Who has not hungry in the morning, easily dispensed with on the Breakfast calories. Not good, say scientists from the University of Tel Aviv. According to their findings, it is even better to take a 600-calorie Breakfast with protein, carbohydrates and a little sugar to a lean 300-calorie Breakfast. An abundant meal in the Morning affects whole day, have a dampening effect on the appetite and the Hunger hormone Ghrelin.

The good habit in the Morning: drink water

Not only Ayurveda-followers appreciate it, to drink in the morning with a large glass of (warm) water on an empty stomach: