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“I wanted to be caught”: clinic, killer, Niels Högel not thought of quitting

As a nurse Niels Högel wanted to belong to the Elite of the staff, and shot a patient to death. The question of his capacity for Guilt is still open. Felt he never had sympathy with his Victims?

The convict patient killer Niels Högel has not thought of between his actions of quitting. He was intermittently become careful in order not to be discovered, said the 42-Year-old on Friday in the murder trial before the regional court of Oldenburg. Later, he haven’t paid attention but on the selection of the patients, whom he injected drugs.

In his last time in the Delmenhorst clinic, he had received, eventually, a higher risk. "I wanted to finally stop and caught werden", described Högel, the Phase before he was caught by a Nurse in the act. In this period he had also drunk a lot of alcohol, however, after the service, and thus without impact on his work.

Wanted colleagues to impress

The Prosecutor’s office has accused the Ex-nurse for the murder of 100 patients at the clinic in Delmenhorst and Oldenburg. She accuses him to have injected his victims with various drugs of death. Due to the death of six patients in Delmenhorst intensive care unit, the regional court of Oldenburg had sentenced the man to life in prison.

Högel have killed from chest-thumping, quoting judge Sebastian Bührmann on Friday from the documents of the previous expert Konstantin Karyofilis. This is down for the process because of a serious illness, he had examined Högel already in 2015, psychiatric, and many hours of discussion with him. In the view of Karyofilis guided Högel for recognition and praise, he wanted to belong to the Elite circle of the keepers. Compassion towards the patient, in order to save you from pain, not felt Högel.

"Your information to Karyofilis were true?", asked Sat on Friday, the new expert Professor Henning. "Yes, absolut", Högel said. He said for the first time to Ask a number of questions of the experts. The Ex-nurse had previously rejected exploration talks with the new reviewer was Sitting, was reviewed in the NSU-process the defendant Beate Zschäpe in relation to their debt capacity.