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He fought against colorectal cancer Benni adopted with moving words

Benjamin “Benni” Wollmershäuser is dead. The 28-Year-old, since his colon cancer diagnosis in 2010, his disease progression was documented, succumbed to serious illness in the night on Friday. The announcement was made by his wife. Previously, he had adopted a moving Post.

"Ok, that’s what he is now… The Abschiedspost": So Benni begins his last Post on his Facebook page "Cancelling Cancer – there is No way to Weit". "It is not now but sooner than you think, but what is bad. Got a lot of fluid and blood lost. We now make nothing, only liquid. I, fortunately, had no Nausea and pain. And if they do, we get the under control. It’s all good, it’s okay. It’s all discussed. 9 years is more than anyone expected."

Wife posted a sad message

On Friday, his wife published the sad news on the Facebook page of the blog. "For a long time is aware that I (Sabrina) have to someday write these lines. Now it is so far… In the night, Benni, the best husband, my best friend, soul mate, my Rock, my punk, my Hero, my light, a brave and courageous fighter is asleep, peacefully."

Also Bennis mother died of colon cancer

Benni was in the 18. May 2010, with only 20 years, the diagnosis of intestinal cancer. The Tumor was ten inches tall. He had not yet scattered. Four surgeries, two radiation treatments, hyperthermia treatment, and numerous chemo therapies, however, could not bring all the desired success. During his treatment his mother received the diagnosis of colon cancer – however, in a much more advanced stage. She died on mother’s day 2013. "It makes you think kann&apos real, worse;s but now no longer come, and then sowas", he wrote on his Blog.

The diagnosis of colorectal cancer means for patients is not only an emotional break down, but often also a financial. Who wants to support patients, you can donate to the following account:

Felix Burda Foundation
IBAN: DE35 6808 0030 0730 0323 01
Commerzbank Offenburg
Keyword: “patient assistance colon cancer”

For more information, please refer to this Link. The Felix Burda Foundation with headquarters in Munich was founded in 2001 by Dr. Christa Maar and the publisher Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda and bears the name of its 2001 cancer of the colon, deceased son.

The Foundation is dedicated exclusively to the prevention of colon cancer and is today one of the most well-known, non-profit institutions in the German Health Community.

"Listen to the warning signals of your body! Goes regularly to the doctor!"

With his Blog Benni wanted to inform you about the topic of bowel cancer. The prevention was always a Central theme: "My appeal to you, that you have to make this shit not by: Listen to the warning signals of your body! Goes regularly to the doctor! Better, sooner and even more provisions than later nachsorgen. Be informed and checked in before all times, whether or not any illnesses have occurred in your family more often/occur. Cancer should not be a taboo subject and also about the literal shit you can talk! Oh, and leads you all the time in front of the eyes, what a great life you have actually… so live your life!", on his blog page.

So Benni also wrote in his farewell post: "I hope I was able to move with my Blog and my commitment to a little something to make the world a better place. It is hard to find words. Thank you for every uplifting word and every comment or message. Thank you that you gave me strength and a bit of purpose in life. Thank you for Everything. Enjoy life, because it is beautiful! The path was always the goal."

  • Here you can read the story of Benni Wollmershäuser

Bennis open to dealing with colon cancer and his optimism meant that he was awarded for his commitment in the year 2017, with the first honor of Felix of the Felix Burda Foundation. Felix Burda Foundation

The concern is enormous

Among the contributions in the case of Facebook, thousands of Fans of the 28-Year-olds, including TV presenter Kai plum to say goodbye. "I’m really proud that I had the privilege of getting to know Benni. He was such a strong fighter, even if he was in poor health, courage and a Smile. We need more Bennis on this Welt", so plum.

Another User writes: "I bow in front of an incredible fighter, a really great people! What a Post!"

"I don’t want someone to say 'He had a short/bad Leben'"

His last days were spent Benni in the hospital. His wife was allowed to sleep with him.

Already on 20. In March, he wrote: "It’s not looking good aus". The Doctors would &quot in the best case still;a few Wochen" . "I sooner or later expect exactly this Situation. More than nine years of cancer, of quasi-happiness. So that no one would have expected in the beginning. And the years have not been bad. I don’t want someone to say 'He had a short/bad Leben'. I’ve had a good life. And it is as long as it is." FOL