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Drugs Outlook to 2019 – These medicines are new on the market

Around 30 new drugs to improve the supply

In the course of the year 2019, some 30 new drugs to be admitted for treatment. Including new antibiotics that are supposed to show better efficacy against resistant bacteria, drugs to combat cancer, as well as medicines against blood clotting disorders.

The Association of research-based pharmaceutical companies (vfa) announced recently, the new drugs in the course of the year 2019. Thus, the Association of patients to new treatment possibilities. “Pharmaceutical companies have applied for numerous new drugs to the Europe-wide approval – or have already received – and could this bring on the market this year,” explains Birgit Fischer, chief Executive of the vfa, in a press release.

New antibiotics against resistant bacteria

Among the most important new drugs, several new antibiotics. This should also be resistant to strains of bacteria to be effective, which have developed resistance to older agents resistance. The vfa, according to the two antibiotics have already received the approval. In the case of four other funds, the approval course of just procedure.

New agents against infectious diseases

Against the different types of Virus-infection diseases, it should be 2019 new agents, particularly against influenza, anthrax and HIV infection. A new antibody-drug should be for HIV-Infected available have failed, in which the conventional therapies to date.

A whole Repertoire of anti-cancer drugs

Every third Product that comes in the year 2019 on the market, according to the vfa against cancer. The need for new funds is still high. “Almost every Second person in Germany suffering during his life on one or the other type of cancer,” emphasizes Fischer. Cancer is the second most common cause of death were diseases.

Lung Cancer-Drugs

In the year 2019 up to four new drugs are expected to be for lung cancer to be more advanced lung cancers, which are so far difficult to treat. Furthermore, new drugs against skin cancer, leukemia, lymph node cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer are available.

First drug Gene therapy against cancer

An absolute novelty, which will come in 2019 on the market, is an organ cross-cancer drug to fight tumors should be used, the specific Gene mutations. “For the first time in the EU for a cancer drug, a gene – instead of the organ which is related to the application field could be the advance in our Knowledge of cancer research at the molecular level,” says Fischer.

Medicines for disorders of the blood coagulation cancel

For those who suffer from blood coagulation disorders such as a deficiency of the coagulation factor VIII or von Willebrand factor, could come out this year, a drug that produces the clotting ability of the blood.

Other Drugs