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Doctor explains what happens during height-lengthening surgery – and it’s freaky

Height can be a sensitive topic for many people – especially for those who round up their size in a bid to reach the six foot mark.

A growing number of men are undergoing expensive surgery to increase their height anywhere from three to six inches.

But one doctor has taken to social media to reveal what happens during surgery to make patients taller – and it’s pretty daunting.

Dr. Shahab Mahboubian, who goes by @heightlengthening on TikTok, shared an insight into the procedure to his 82,000 followers.

In the video, the surgeon holds up a freakishly long nail which is going to be implanted into his patient's femur to make him three inches taller.

Donning his blue scrubs, the doctor explains how he checks the nail before operating on the patient, he said: “Now we’re getting ready to insert our precise nail. I always check it to make sure it’s nice and tight, so it’s not loose when we put it in.”

The video has been viewed 4.3 millions times and received more than 368,000 likes.

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Taking to the comments, some followers expressed feeling grateful to be naturally tall, while others warned users against the surgery.

“So grateful for being this tall,” said one, while another wrote: “Please don’t do this to yourself guys.”

Another added: “Before y’all even do this. Think. They can’t stretch your nerves. Are you gonna lengthen your arms to match your new proportions? Think about when you're old.”

Others were shocked to learn that a height-lengthening surgery existed.

One user wrote: “WAIT THIS IS A THING?! I thought it was impossible.”

“Didn’t know people actually do this,” penned another.

Height lengthening surgery, also known as limb-lengthening surgery, involves surgical approaches to stimulate bone growth in the legs, writes Healthline.

It can be carried out on either the femur (thigh bone) or the tibia (the shin bone).

The surgery first started in the US in the 1950s, but the technology used today is a lot more advanced.

On its website, Height Lengthening says: “Height enhancement surgery, also known as ‘Cosmetic Limb Lengthening’, is something that used to be reserved for those who had genetic anomalies causing an abnormally short stature such as dwarfism or those who have severe deformities.

“However, more and more practitioners of the surgery have begun offering it as an alternative procedure for those who are simply unhappy with their height.”

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