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Diet the case of protein dilution: Therefore, we overindulge ourselves, and to take

Anyone who wants to lose weight, pays attention mostly to carbohydrates and fat – in the process, there is a factor that affects the weight to be sustainable: the protein dilution. FOCUS Online explains what is behind it.

A calorie is a calorie, it would seem, no matter whether it comes from the cheese, bread, cereal, or a chocolate bar. But alone of the calories depends on how tired we feel. Because Protein satiates per calorie better than carbohydrates or fats.

Or, as science author Bas Kast, in his book "Ernährungskompass" describes: "It provides us with protein-rich foods, is covered our needs soon, we feel tired, listen to eat spontaneously. Our food is diluted too protein, more food, we instinctively, Yes, we eat until our body has to get what he needs, as We overeat ourselves and to take."

Fat and carbohydrates dilute the protein

The principle is simple: The more proteins in a food, the quicker we are satiated. However, Bas Kast has discovered in his research with a hook. He makes the example of the sources of Protein salmon. So salmon and wild-farmed salmon contain approximately the same amount of protein, farmed salmon, the fat content is much higher. Thus, the protein of a farmed salmon &quot is;verdünnt".

This phenomenon runs through other sources of Protein. So why not just a lot of egg whites, and otherwise Low-Fat products to eat? "The can wir", Bas Kast says. "However, low fat automatically means low-calorie." And a lot of calories dilute fat the egg white just as much.

We eat until protein needs are sated

Behind the "Proteinverdünnung" the discovery of the Australian biologist David Raubenheimer is that protein is the effect on the saturation: "The increase in obesity has to do partly with the fact that in the diet the ratio of protein-has shifted to containing energy, protein-rich energy." Simply speaking, the ratio of the fish moves away to the Chips. It is then eaten as long as, until sufficient protein has been ingested. And thus also the amount of carbohydrates and fats that are eaten to Satisfy Hunger is on the rise.

The satiety is an automatically

The showed raubenheimer, in a study in which the participants were divided into two groups. The one was allowed to sit at the Buffet of protein-rich food, i.e. chicken, pork tenderloin, ham, fish, yogurt, cheese and milk. The "proteinarme" The group ate Croissants, waffles, pasta, potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Both groups were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. The analysis of the data revealed that the group had taken with a high protein food, 38 percent fewer calories.

"The calories minus was due to the fact that the subjects had subconsciously kept your protein intake constant. In other words, who availed himself of the protein-rich Buffet, stuffed not limitless, but heard relatively quickly to essen", holds Bas results for Kast. The other group ate 35 percent more calories. "On the way to the protein minimum, in the body of the Work needed, were you any amount of carbohydrates and fats in the way that, of necessity, had to be mitverspeist."

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Greenhouse gas allows the protein content to fall

Also, a recent Harvard study confirmed this. The quality of the cereals and rice sectors examined in the case of continuing increase of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. The forecast is that The plants will have by 2050, significantly less nutrients, including Protein. And this lack cannot simply be due to more amount to replace. "This results in further Gesundheitsprobleme&quot would;, the U.S. researchers: for example, Obesity.