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Beauty Of The Stars – Tips To Mastering Their Looks

Aside from their brains and their great acting and personality skills, the celebrities you know and love so much know the perfection to beauty. Yeah, they may not always score right but let’s give credit where it ought to be. The technique of applying the right tone, touch and with the right brush may seem simple but in reality, it takes a little more than we might know. Getting a few words from the screen stars who live by this, we can rest assured it will be as we desire. But who do you think knows the tricks to master the skill? We have highlighted some ideas from your favorite:   

Emma Stone   

Olive oil has been doing the job for Emma Stone due to the fact she is allergic to a lot of the other moisturizing products. She notes the beneficial factors it also has for the skin other than simply using as a form of makeup.   

Liv Tyler   

The Liv Tyler look call for a few items you may already have on your dressing table. She notes that after applying your foundation and a little blush, puff a little translucent powder on your face, add a little rosewater spray then cover with a Kleenex. The end result of this will give you a natural look and does not brighten the makeup too much (makes it seem you are not wearing any). This technique she derived from a movie filmed over 20 years ago.   

Miranda Kerr   

Want those curly eyelashes but don’t have a curler? No worries! Miranda Kerr has given us a unique style, weird but one that really works. With the use of a spoon, get some hot water, dip the utensil then using the tip of your finger, bend lashes against the edge. Thanks a lot, Mir!   

Halle Berry   

Wiping off your lipstick to put on a different stick in order to get another look is a thought Halle Berry never focuses on. Instead, she adds her lip color of choice, slightly wipes it off then apply a clear lip gloss. See that stained look she always sports? Well, it can definitely work for you too.   

Taylor Swift   

Sporting her natural hair, Taylor Swift’s idea of keeping her curls in the morning even after waking up with a messy one is simply to wrap it around the handle of the hot comb. Sounds weird right? Well, the actress and singer have maintained a natural look without any possible damages.  

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