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A lot of fat is unhealthy? Harvard study shows why it matters the quantity of nutritional

How much fat is actually healthy? This is not to answer in the analysis of popular diets. Harvard researchers have looked at the fats in the diet and come to the conclusion that it is not the amount of fat is crucial, but the art.

How much fat is actually healthy? This is not answer to the views of the popular diets such as No-Fat, Low-Carb, the Mediterranean diet with its olive oil or animal fat-rich stone-age diet. TV nutrition expert Anne Fleck recommends even, "healthy and fettreich" to eat.

Scientists examine the studies about diets

To solve the confusion inherent in the topic, looking for experts for a long time after the ideal ratio of fats and carbohydrates. Scientists from Harvard have found out that the fats are so critical as previously suspected.

It brings nothing, the fat has been largely to remove from the dining plan, you only have to look in the USA. There, the proportion of fat in the diet has declined in the last 50 years, from 42 to 34 percent. However, Obesity and Diabetes are spreading.

There is no ideal ratio of fat to carbohydrates

Ludwig David of Harvard Medical School in Boston, is convinced that it plays hardly a role, whether the individual decides for Low-Carb or Low-Fat: "There is no specific ratio of fats to carbohydrates, is the best for all." Also diets or individual foods impact everybody in a different way on the metabolism. A conclusion such as "this food makes schlank", from the previous studies.

Dietitian: It depends on the portions and the quality

More important than the quantity is the type of fats that you eat. Industrially-produced TRANS fats are harmful and should be banished from the dining plan. The German society for nutrition confirmed to the dpa: "More important than the discussion about the right proportions of fat and carbohydrates, aspects of high energy intake overall, and the quality of the fats and carbohydrates."

Therefore, healthy diet is simple: Vegetable Oils, whole-grain products, fruits and lots of vegetables instead of Chips, white bread and ready-made pizza. And, of course, a lot of movement.

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