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10 things that emotionally intelligent people do not make

Everything in our world is controlled by feelings, but some people manage it better than others, to understand and to control. Emotionally intelligent people have a different view of the world – and, above all, there are things that won’T make you.

In the 90s, U.S. researchers introduced the concept of "emotional Intelligenz" a. This assumes the ability of feelings to perceive, to understand and to influence. Author Brianna Wiest in emotionally intelligent people, the born leader, because you can control your own and others ‘ feelings aware of, in order to achieve a goal. For the US edition of the Huffington Post has compiled a list of things that emotionally intelligent people do NOT make.

1. Emotionally intelligent people confuse their feelings with reality and draw no conclusions on the outcome of a Situation. You understand that your emotions are a reaction to a Situation and not an exact measure. This allows you to judge objectively.

2. Emotionally intelligent people understand that feelings are not imposed from the outside will be , and therefore no influence on it. The realization that the emotions can come from the Inside and controlled, preserved, prior to the Resignation and “angry passivity”.

3. Emotionally intelligent people are not the Illusion, to know what you really makes them happy. Memories of past experiences are emotionally clouded and unreliable. Emotionally intelligent people know that all experiences have positive and negative sides.

4. For emotionally intelligent people is fear is not a sign of a wrong way to be. Rather, it recognizes that old habits and emotional wounds blocking something Positive. Indifference is the true sign of being on the wrong path.

5. Emotionally intelligent people know that “happiness” is not a permanent condition, of the each price will be achieved. Take the time to process emotions and are looking for a resistance-free, natural feeling state. It is just this balance leads to satisfaction.

6. Social pressure and the urge to adapt lead to that ideas, opinions and ways of thinking imposed from the outside are. Emotionally intelligent people do not realize that it is their own, and evaluate their Use for your own feeling world.

7. Emotionally intelligent people suppress their feelings, but you can control. Self-control is not for you a complete “turn Off” of emotions, but you will know when the time is right and you are in the right environment to show feelings.

8. Emotionally intelligent people know, that feelings do not into the abyss can. Do you have enough stamina and are aware that negative feelings will pass.

9. Emotionally intelligent people choose very carefully to whom they have a close relationship build. Even if you are kind to all, trust and intimacy have to be earned first. Emotionally intelligent people are not closed, but to share feelings with the Right person.

10. Emotionally intelligent people are not in the case, the present conclusions for the rest of your life to consider: Negative emotions and a “bad day” does not mean that the future is bleak. All feelings are temporary, and must be countered with Serenity.