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We fall in love, always in the Same

“Opposites attract” or “like attracts like”: The question of what there is in the choice of partners the rash, there is not only the proverbial disagreement. Also scientifically been able to answer, neither psychology nor sociology or biology, clearly, the criteria by which people choose their partners. A study by the University of Toronto, emphasized again how important the similarities are.

Based on data from Germany, the canadian psychologists found that people take more of a relationship with partners, the same to you. Even more important, however, that the new liaisons to the Ex-similar to Partner. The researchers write in the journal of the US National Academy of Sciences “PNAS”.

The Basis for the survey data, the long-term study, Pairfam, for each year, around 12,000 people are interviewed were. The questions provide a basis from which to examine partnerships and families in Germany.

More than 300 participants with a change of partner

For the study, the researchers selected a number of 332 participants who had between 2008 and 2017, with two different partners. This is a great strength of the investigation: most of The previous studies on the choice of a partner based only on snapshots of the relationships of their participants. The Transition from one Partner to another has been analyzed only rarely.

Both the study participants as well as their (Ex)partners had completed questionnaires in which they rated their own personality according to certain characteristics. You had to enter how much you argue, how dutiful you are, if you have neurotic traits and open for New. Overall, the researchers compared 21 character traits.

The evaluation showed that the study participants considered often similar to their Partner. Even more similar, and the details of the current partners and Ex-partners were. The participants in the study were, therefore, a Partner that not only them, but more aligned with their previous partners, concluded the researchers. This pattern deviated only, who themselves as a particularly extroverted and open to New characterized.

Choice of partners is more predictable than we thought?

“After a breakup, many people believe that they know better, whom do you want to have as a new Partner,” write the authors of the study. “Our study results suggest, however, that the new partners have a certain degree of Similarity to the previous one, which suggests that people, at least in part resistant to relationships to a certain type.”

The authors believe that the factors that influence the choice of a partner, make much better predictions than previously assumed – and, in particular, then, if you want to know more about the Ex-Partner.

Further studies are however needed to understand how this constancy comes, write the researchers. Then the results could be used to develop about a safer algorithm, for the Online Dating or to create methods by which existing relationships can improve.