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This Harry Potter Kids' Collection from Mini Boden Is Positively Enchanting

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We solemnly swear that even if your kids get up to no good in Mini Boden's new Harry Potter-themed collection, you won’t be able to stay mad for long: That’s how cute these clothes are.

The retailer (which, like Harry Potter himself, is based in England) designed an 81-piece collection in conjunction with Warner Bros., the first drop of which launches Monday, August 5. It will feature everything ranging from adorable sleepers (seen above, $60 for 4) to Hogwarts-emblazoned knit rugby shirts, dresses printed with the logos of the different Hogwarts houses or names of spells, pajamas featuring Potter's distinctive glasses and lightning-bolt scar and more. The collection starts at $26 for a T-shirt and sizes will be available for even the most miniature muggles up until about age 12 (with some styles extending to age 16).

A second drop, due in October, will feature luxe fabrics and glittering accents perfect for a truly enchanting party.

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Buy It! Hedwig pajamas, $42; and Hedwig romper, out in October

Boden is just the latest retailer to launch a line of items designed to appeal to fans of the boy wizard. Pottery Barn’s collection of home goods was an instant hit, Vans released a line of sneakers and apparel designed to make your feet as light as a golden snitch, and other stores (including Hot Topic, Target and Alex and Ani) have their own offerings inspired by the meghahit book series. That’s to say nothing of all the tours, trips, train rides and amusement park attractions all based on the series by J.K. Rowling. Shop the Boden collection now.

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Buy It! Knitted sweater, $55 ; and Lightning Bolt slim jeans, $48;; Hogwarts Crest sweatshirt, $48; and Spell skirt, $52;

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