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Fennel tea – application, preparation, and action

The best fennel tea recipes and their effects

Among all fennel products fennel tea allows the most versatile options for use. No wonder, because due to the internal use of the tea can be spread to the active ingredients of the fennel optimally in the body. On the other, the fennel in the tea-making also have to be dosed exactly and individually to present health complaints to adapt. In the Following, we will tell you the best tea recipes for fennel and give an insight into its effects.

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Healing properties of fennel

Fennel is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the world, and should be already 3000 BC in what was then Mesopotamia, a medicinal plant used. Also the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew of the healing power of the fennel, and put him by default, in the case of digestive problems. In the middle ages, a number of other application in addition to areas, including classic women’s suffering, heart problems and respiratory diseases. In all the cases referred to fennel tea can be of assistance and, depending on the dosage of the to make herbal tea, a lighter and heavier health to relieve discomfort.

Effect of fennel tea

Tea is basically a good means to bring healing botanicals to your site in the body. The metabolism can take the in water dissolved substances, as soon as you arrive in the digestive tract. In the case of digestive problems fennel tea after its arrival in the stomach and intestines to immediately do its healing work. In addition, the tea makes a good liquid supply, which is also of a lighter digestion.

Digestive problems, especially for Pregnant women is frequently a Problem, since the child in the abdomen, not only hormonal balance, but also the metabolism, sometimes strong, is out of whack. One of the reasons why fennel is the preferred Teekraut mothers-to-be. Also in the case of respiratory problems fennel tea promises to be a two-fold effect. In addition to the medicinal plant effect, the heat of the tea is soothing for the respiratory tract. It soothes the throat and stimulates the immune system and makes it more difficult for pathogens infection, to exist in the “heated” body climate.

The diverse beneficial properties of fennel tea are most for women. The female gender, the herb helps to literally any situation in life. As a rule, pain to speak, for example, positively to treatment with fennel tea, since this Phythoöstrogene includes, which regulate the Cycle. During pregnancy, the fennel relieves pregnancy-related bloating and other frictions in the gastro-intestinal tract, which arise due to the specific hormonal situation of pregnant women, but also the spatial changes in the abdominal cavity. In the lactation, in turn, fennel stimulates the secretion of milk and is also intended to support the taste of mother’s milk positively. And even in the menopause fennel tea can help troubled women. The, already mentioned, estrogen-like action of its ingredients compensates for the menopausal estrogen deficiency, which can be for a number of menopausal symptoms, including sweats, and mood swings.

By the way: fennel tea is also heart discomfort, itching, migraine and depression help!

The preparation of fennel tea

Usually fennel tea is made from the seeds of the Plant, obtained from the autumn-harvested from the cylindrical fruit of the fennel. The fruits are similar to ribbed noticeable such as the edible tuber of the Plant. For a Cup of tea then you take about a teaspoon of dried fennel seeds. Depending on the drawing time, the effect of which is more or less pronounced. In a weak concentration of the pure fennel tea is appreciated, especially for the treatment of the so-called 3-month-bloating, to which many infants suffer in the course of their still unstable digestive function.

For complaints in adulthood, the tea may be concentrated even more. Also, it combines fennel seeds with other Teekräutern in order to achieve an improved therapeutic effect in particular health complaints. Below we have listed some of the best Teerezepte for you.

Recipe 1: Stilltee from anise, fennel and cumin

Anise is one of the most popular combination of herbs in regard to fennel. Since both herbs belong to the family of Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), they are closely related to each other, which is also reflected in their similar mode of action. The same is true for caraway, another umbelliferous plants, together with anise and fennel is a very flavorful tea. Both the wort, as well as the active ingredients of the to make herbal tea have a special effect on the milk flow of breastfeeding mothers, which is excited thereby and the flavor is enhanced. The same Tea blend has proven itself in the other, against a bloat.


  • 40 g fennel seeds,
  • 40 g of anise seeds,
  • 20 g cumin seeds.

The herbs in a Cup of boiling water and leave the tea for about ten minutes, covered. After that, the herbs, lard and the tea in small SIPS. It is best to enjoy the tea three Times a day after meals.

Tip: as an Alternative to anise-fennel-caraway tea can also be a decoction of 30 g of fennel, 50 g of Brooms, and 50 g of carrot seeds can be produced. In breast, a Cup of tea made from 10 g of fennel 10 g of celandine inflammation during breastfeeding mothers can also three Times a day to take the herb.

Recipe 2: fennel-peppermint tea for digestive complaints

The combination of herbs for flatulence in the case of the fennel is relatively extensive. Each developed here after some time, his own „Geheimrezept“. Has proved, however, a mixture of peppermint and fennel, which may optionally be refined with minor amounts of other herbs An Example:


  • 15 g fennel seeds
  • 20 g of peppermint leaves
  • 10 g bitter clover
  • 10 g of anise seeds

Three teaspoons of this mixture with hot water in a Cup, ten minutes, and then the herbs filtering. The tea is drunk between meals.

Recipe 3: fennel tea for irritated digestive tract

A nervous bowel or stomach encourages the combination of fennel and the soothing herbs. Valerian and chamomile offer here, for example, is a good Option. To do this, create a Tea blend of the following herbs:


  • 30 g of fennel
  • 30 g of caraway seeds
  • 30 g of Valerian root
  • 15 g of chamomile flowers
  • 14 g of lemon balm leaves

You give it to two teaspoons in a Cup of boiling water. The tea should sit for five to ten minutes before it is drunk. The maximum daily dose is two to three cups.

Recipe 4: fennel with peppermint, and Valerian in the case of cardiac neurosis

In mint and Valerian are also two excellent combination of herbs for a fennel tea for heart of fear. The Mixture looks as follows:


  • 20 g of fennel,
  • 30 g of peppermint leaves,
  • 40 g of Valerian.

A teaspoon to remove and in 1/4 Liter of cold water, stir. The Teeansatz should stay ahead of the Heat for about two hours. After boiling, the herbs are filtered out then, as usual, and the tea is drunk SIP.

Recipe 5: Hustentee with fennel

This recipe works in addition to cough, also in Bronchitis and other respiratory complaints. It includes, in addition to fennel seeds, a decent amount of plantain and thyme – two plants that are commonly referred to as the lung herb known.


  • 40 g of plantain,
  • 40 g of thyme,
  • 35 g of licorice root,
  • 25 g of fennel.

The herbs first, mix well. After that, three teaspoons and a Cup of boiling water. The drawing time is ten minutes before the herbs are filtered out before Drinking.

Tip: An alternative Tea blend for respiratory problems, even Asthma help, consists of 20 g of fennel, elderflower, caraway, ribwort plantain and violet leaves. This should be used per Cup, but only a teaspoon and the tea a total of not more than three Times a day to be drunk.

Side effects fennel tea

Individuals with a proven Allergy to umbelliferous plants, or other plants, as well as people with pollen Allergy and hay fever have to be for the use of fennel tea carefully. It is recommended to try in case of doubt, the tea initially in small quantities as a test or a Allergy test. For more information about the fennel you find in the article: fennel – Application and effect. (ma)