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WHO calls for Ebola international health emergency

Due to the ongoing Ebola epidemic in Congo, the world health organization (WHO) declared a “public health emergency of international concern”. This followed the recommendation of an expert Council.

The fight against the most deadly Ebola virus to be exacerbated in the Congo and the neighboring countries now. To be able to measures such as better facilities of treatment centers and the training of other auxiliary forces. The WHO is not clear, however, that you run out of at the time of an expansion of the life-threatening disease beyond the Region.

“This is absolutely not a global threat”, said the Chairman of the Committee, Robert Steffen. It will not stay in the case of a regional threat, border closures were currently necessary. You could complicate the fight against the disease, on the contrary, because people used then, possibly, secret paths, and not the official border crossings, where medical staff stops at the passers-by according to the signs of the disease on the look-out.

The WHO is concerned because the outbreak is after a year still under control. In the city of Goma, there was the weekend in the first case, in the neighboring country of Uganda became known in June, of the three cases. In the Congo, there were up to this Wednesday, more than 2,500 Ebola cases and more than 1600 Dead. Thus, the death rate among the Diseased of nearly 70 percent.

Complicates the fight against Ebola in the Congo due to attacks by armed militias on treatment centers. Between 2013 and 2016, had died in West Africa during a severe outbreak of more than 11,300 people.