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The long-running dispute to the life and death of Vincent Lambert has found an end

Will come to death as a salvation to Vincent Lambert, or as a horror? This is a question no one can with certainty answer that – at least he himself. Because Lambert, 42, has been injured in a motorcycle accident in 2008, severe head injuries. He has since been paralyzed in a kind of awake coma, the Doctors refer to his condition as vegetative. You attest to your patients with minimal consciousness.

Lambert’s eyes react in a reflex-like noise, but mostly remain expressionless. He can’t speak, but he can cry. His body feels pain. Will he eat through a tube. The doctors from closing, according to a mirror report that Lambert’s health condition is yet to improve significantly. Would he want to live more?

Family disputes about life and death

Also, the know Lambert and love to argue. His wife and six of his eight siblings want to for years that the artificial diet is set. His parents and other two siblings want the Doctors to continue the treatment. What would have wanted Lambert to yourself? Because he had no living will, no one can answer this question with any certainty.

Active euthanasia is banned in France. Since 2005 it is allowed but, at least, to allow the terminally Ill to “die”. The Doctors so Lambert die? To “Vincent,” said Lambert’s wife, Rachel, 2013, “is my last proof of love.” In addition, the family is arguing in a court of law. In 2014, the Conseil d had decided’état that Vincent be the one to die. But his parents do not recognise the judgment of the Supreme administrative court of France. They argue that the decision violates Lambert’s right to life, and to end the artificial feeding constituted torture. They therefore call on the European court of human rights (ECtHR). Decides in June 2015: The artificial diet of the then-38-may Year be set.

The parents of Vincent Lambert’s fight for his life

However, the parents do not want to accept and exhaust all legal remedies. Her legal fight lasts until the end of April 2019. Then, the ECtHR rejected an appeal by the parents against the disconnection of life-support devices. In the week before the Conseil d’etat had ruled against the parents.

“All appeals are now exhausted,” said Thursday Madeleine Munier-Apaire, the lawyer of the nephew of Lambert, the TV station “France Info”. The Paris administrative court rejected on Wednesday, the 15. In may, an urgent appeal by the parents against the end of the artificial feeding of her son back.

All find their peace?

The attending physician has the family of his at the 9. April decision communicated to the devices in the week from 20. May switch off, – stated in a Letter from the lawyers of the family. The communication was made without further explanation.

As of Monday so the Doctors can adjust the artificial feeding of Vincent Lambert. Normally, a coma, die, awake patients within a few days. It remains to hope that Vincent Lambert finds rest and his family peace with the decision.

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