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Poor sleep not only makes you tired

Good sleep is not, of course, and it is more important to health than many people think. Fatigue is not the only consequence of insomnia: Poor sleep can also impair the immune system, the ability to concentrate and the cardiovascular System.

In addition to the fatigue, too little or poor sleep can lead to diverse symptoms such as irritability, reduced creativity, Stress, lack of accuracy, Tremors, aches and impaired memory or forgetfulness. Lack of sleep can even cause symptoms such as ADHD, highlighting weaken the immune system and contribute to changes in the heart rate, as well as an increased risk for heart diseases and strokes.

Dr. Amit Narula, Medical Director of the sleep disorders center at Carroll Hospital in Westminster (Maryland, USA), gives the following tips for a good night’s sleep:

  • Eliminating the use of alcohol, nicotine, food and Drink, if the sleep time is drawing near
  • Keep your bedroom dark and cool. These seven tips will help, in the heat of summer better sleep
  • You restrict the time in bed to Sleep and Sex
  • Go to regular times in bed
  • Avoid screens (TV, Smartphone, etc.) before going to bed
  • You ensure that the bed and the sleep clothing is comfortable
  • No Pets in the bedroom
  • Upcoming tasks for the next day’s record, so that you do not need to at night pondering
  • In case of problems, a sleep diary will help the doctor habits and abnormalities communicate

The expert also advises teenagers to eight to ten hours of sleep, younger school-age children should sleep for nine to eleven hours. For adults seven to nine hours of a rich, though it is normal, or twice to Wake up. However, anyone who is at least four times a night for long periods of time awake, daughter is probably suffering from a sleep disorder.

Regularly more than nine hours of sleep can be in adults, in turn, signs of disease: "Recent studies have shown that more than nine hours of sleep, brought in some people with Diabetes, heart disease and depression in connection wurden", Narula says.

Good sleep serves not only the intellectual capacity, but to all the institutions. It is a time of Regeneration: Many studies show that good sleep contributes to a longer and healthier life.


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